The Amazing Seashore and Beach Resort Experience at Chris Burchs Nihiwatu

Indonesian islands, Bali and Sumba are known for many beautiful beaches and world-class beach resorts. They always get featured in the travel magazines and travel-based programs around the world. A few number of such beach resorts become hottest attractions from around the world with its unique ambiance and service. Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba island is something different from other usual beach resorts. The beach resort, co-owned by American entrepreneur Chris Burch, protected everything part of the culture of the land and brought the best out of them into the resort compound.

The visitors can experience the local festivals such as Pasola, which describes the true relation between people and the land. Interestingly, the beach is an amazing surf spot that attracts every visitor to come again and again. It is the single beach resort that voted as number one resort in the world by the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine consecutively for two times. Much of the praise for the great recognition goes to Chris Burch for showering a $30 million to enhance its experience including building new villas, hiring locally, adding amenities, and more.  For more of the amazing resort,  click this link on

Interestingly, he was very specific to keep the soul of the island and beach intact. It is the strategy that ensured a unique experience for the resort visitors, at the end. Altogether, it has 32 villas, all of them are constructed in different styles to ensure unique ambiance. It also has one of the best tree houses in the world that comes with three bedrooms. The resort is spanned at a luxurious space of 560 acres to ensure the natural wilderness for each of the villas.  Read his views on business related matters, hit on

Chris Burch is known as a highly successful serial entrepreneur with more than 50 ventures in his 40-year-old career. He is the Founder cum CEO of Burch Creative Capital that follows the investment thoughts and visions of Burch combined with other factors such as creativity, applying imagination, new market opportunities, and more.  To know his new and follow on investments, check on

Burch has created many highly successful and disruptive brands using his thoughts and utilizing market opportunities. Some of his ventures include Poppin, TRADEMARK, Cocoon9, Jawbone, Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water, and more.  Related article here.

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