The Fortress Investment Group Major Partnership

Since the founding of the SoftBank company in 1981, the company has strived and grown success over the international market. Fortress Investment Group made an expected move with SoftBank of laying investments in its new developments. Currently, the company earns a title of being one of the largest investment company worldwide. Through the 3.3-billion-dollar deal, Fortress investment group is less likely to change its operations hence the SoftBank agreement to not interfere with Fortress’ Management.

Through non-interference from SoftBank, its likely to be a good deal between Fortress and SoftBank. Fortress Investment Group therefore has grown following the chance to conducts its own businesses on its own. Following the decisions by SoftBank, the decision to make the purchase was settled on. Due to the partnership of this two firms, Softbank allows Fortress Investment Group to pursue their goals autonomously all over the world. The two companies are therefore working together upon agreed terms to ensure they reap the benefits at the agreed fee. As a result of this arrangement this firms are likely to receive major returns hence, the purchase.

Fortress Investment Group is still a younger firm as compared to SoftBank. It was founded in New York where it still holds its headquarters. Founded in 1998, the company become one of the largest global investment manager that manages thousands of private investors worldwide. Fortress has the liberty to operate independently in New York through the deal with SoftBank. This aspect of the deal therefore makes the partnership unique and special that one can work with no interference from then other.

Generally, Fortress Investment of assets are free from interference from SoftBank. The values and interests of fortress are valued by Softbank and the major ownership has recognized the power of having successful assets management. This merger and acquisition is commonly major is bigger companies. Fortress Investment Group liberty to work on its own it’s a major benefit for them since they are able to work as per their ideas and agendas. SoftBank was therefore able to make an arrangement of purchasing Fortress without disagreements.

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