The Growth Of OSI Industries

David McDonald spent the whole of his childhood on a farm in Iowa State. As he grew up, McDonald developed an interest in agriculture and wanted to bring a significant change in the food production industry. Later in his life, McDonald pursued a bachelor’s degree in animal science in 1987.

After completing his studies, McDonald searched for experience from OSI Industries in 1991. The firm is the largest privately owned food processing company in the United States. At first, the individual worked as the project development manager of the firm. Today, McDonald is the executive president and chief operating officer. For all the years working in the industry, the individual showed integrity and dedication to push the company forward in development. The strategic leadership of McDonald saw him receive the Wallace Barron Senior Outstanding Award. In the agricultural sector, McDonald appears as the most respected authority.

OSI Industries focuses on providing value-added, affordable, customer-oriented, and consistent protein products, like beef patties, bacon, pizzas, sausages, and vegetable products. The company has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Also, the institution operates over 70 facilities distributed in more than 30 nations globally. The president is not stopping to develop the company until it reaches all corners of the global market.

One of the leading achievements of OSI Industries is the acquisition of the controlling stake in Baho Food. The plant has subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands. The addition would increase the popularity of the organization’s products and raise the demand. McDonald worked efficiently with the global logistic team ensuring coordination of OSI Industries’ local operation. The firm remains up to date with trends around the world and information. In 2016, the firm purchased the Tyson Food Plant located in North America improving the services in the region. Also, the company acquired the Flagship Europe making it the principal food distributor in the U.K.

Early this year, OSI Industries finished its development project worth $20 million in improving its production of chicken products. The growth will ensure a rise in chicken output by a double to 24,000 tons each year. The presidents showed appreciation since the growth would open up job opportunities and increase the living standards of people.

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