The Lime Crime Story

Lime Crime was started by Doe Deere in 2009 after she tried to find makeup and colors that fit her taste and eclectic style, but could not. Finding that the bright and stand out colors that she wanted were no where to be found encouraged her to start her own line of cosmetics. Doe Deere introduced Unicorn Lipsticks in 2008 with a brightly glittered unicorn on the packaging. Once she saw how popular this was she knew she needed to do more and Lime Crime was born.


Doe Deere had an innovative idea at the right time. The world was ready for something new, innovative and aesthetically beautiful. The trend at the time was for natural makeup, such as beiges and browns, that while attractive, were getting boring for most people, especially the younger fashion set. Lime Crime’s appeal to women and men in their 20’s is what launched her but her products also appeal to more seasoned fashionistas too. The world was ready for a fresh take and Deere gave it to them.


Deere credits her ability to follow her dreams as her main reason for success but she is a bit humble with this as her creative vision, drive and talent are impressive and extraordinary and quite obviously a big factor in the success of Lime Crime. Starting off with a business that was totally online was innovative and so is her use of social media for marketing as well as for company information. Lime Crime and Deere make use of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even SnapChat.


The Lime Crimes Websites star attraction is a visually stunning blog whose address is Here Lime Crime keeps up with the latest trends, it’s new cosmetic lines and specials and fan spotlights. Deere maintains that her clients are of the utmost importance to her and she practices what she preaches. Aside from client/fan spotlights on the Lime Crime blog she has a customer page where clients can send pics of themselves if they want wearing Lime Crime cosmetics. The company also thinks enough of their clients to have a live chat for immediate assistance to anyone that needs it.


Everyone likes a success story and Doe Deere has an interesting one and a successful company backed by her creative vision that she had at the right time. Perusing the Lime Crime website and blog is like stepping into a candy store, exciting, thrilling, beautiful and fun.

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