The Tales Of A Business Legend: Guilherme Paulus

The tales behind the making of Guilherme Paulus are quite inspiring to any man. The founder of CVC Tours and GJP Hotels and Resorts has gained global attention from his efforts and contributions to bettering Brazil’s economy. Paulus traces his journey from a humble background where after completing college he went out to seek employment like any other graduate.

Guilherme Paulus managed to secure a post at IBM, but as fate would have it, he did not serve for long. He launched CVC Tours as a touring solution for Brazil’s slowly growing tourism industry. With time he nurtured his venture to one of Latin America’s most reputable tour agencies. Since its inception in 1972, CVC Tours continues to expand its territories. Now, as a public company, it operates over a hundred stores. The company has earned its position at the top accruing over $5 billion in annual revenues.

Guilherme Paulus’ second venture GJP Hotels and Resorts was launched in 2005. Paulus figured that he would create a solution for tourists who were having a hard time finding accommodation and hospitable destinations. Out of his personal accounts, the passionate entrepreneur injected more than $600 million into his new business. Ten years into the business, GJP had completed building more than 20 hotels and was successfully managing them. In 2017, one of the resorts received an award that would recognize it as the best golf hotels in the world. GJP Hotels and Resorts continues to expand with a target to cover all cities in Brazil.

While going about his normal routines, Guilherme Paulus well known for his problem-solving addiction spotted Webjet in 2006. He saw immense potential in the airline as he was also passionate about wanting to change people’s perspective on using flights as a transportation mode. He expanded the airline’s fleet from one airplane to twenty within a span of five years. Webjet was ranked third best airline in Brazil before selling it, to focus on GJP.

Guilherme Paulus has proved his prowess on the entrepreneurship ground with two major businesses rising from scratch. Only a few can match his level of experience, skill and mental strength. O hotel butique de Guilherme Paulus

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