Tips from Upwork: Productivity Starts With a Good To-Do List!

If you are wondering how to have a more productive day, Upwork has tips on how to prepare a useful to-do list. Upwork is a website that offers clients and freelancers a simple way to find each other and work together in a remote setting. They save clients money, and they help freelancers with being more productive by offering them a place to find the clients they need.

Preparing Your To-Do List

A to-do list should be ready to go the night before you are ready to tackle the tasks. Save your mornings for important high-stress tasks. Most people work best right after they wake up!

Just One List

Organize your to-do list. Keep one list, either on an app or in a notebook, so you don’t have to look for the things you need to remember.

Jot It Down!

If you are busy and have a million other things running through your head, write them down so you can focus better on your priorities. This will help keep your head clear and you will feel less pressure.

Time Matters

If you know how much time a task will take and when you should start the task, then write that down next to your to-do. This will help you stay organized and know your day.

Stress-Free Days

If you are a person that gets overwhelmed easily, learn to delegate the tasks that you don’t have to do yourself. If it isn’t important, try taking it off of your to-do list for a while.

Batch Tasks Together

Upwork suggests putting all of your similar tasks in one batch. Do emails or paperwork all at once, and you should get a burst of energy seeing your list shorten quickly.

Take Note Of Your Energy Levels

When working throughout the day, observe your energy levels. This will help you decide what tasks are for high-energy periods of the day.

Dissect Your Projects

If you have a major project, try to separate it into smaller tasks. This will allow you to see what you can delegate, and you will feel less overwhelmed.

If you follow these suggestions for an efficient to-do list, your day should be more productive.


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