Why Is The Ski Season In Squaw Valley The Finest In America?

Andy Wirth has dedicated his time and energy to making Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows the best ski resorts the best in America. Travelers may think the best skiing is in the Alps, but California is home to the best skiing in America. Andy has created beautiful resorts in the Squaw Valley that recall the classic 1960 Winter Olympics held in the Valley, and his resorts are known for their mix of classic styling and modern technology.

#1: No One Is Roughing It In Squaw Valley

The 1960 Olympics may have been a hard ticket for Californians, but no one is roughing it in the Valley today. Andy Wirth’s Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley resorts have created a rustic sense of home in the middle of this snowy wonderland. A trip to the Valley allows skiers to enjoy the weather, relax in comfort and take in the rustic styling that was all the rage in 1960. Everyone in the Valley today may have missed the Olympics, but the styling of the age is still with us because of Andy’s commitment to the Valley and its legacy as a skiing mecca.

#2: Why Is Squaw Valley Perfect?

Squaw Valley is a great place to ski because travelers are a short car ride to the beach. California is the Riviera of America. The beach is fairly close to the Valley, and skiers may leave the Valley on their way to the beach for a vacation tour de force that is hard to beat. Europeans enjoy these vacations all the time, and Andy’s resorts provide luxury that can only be rivaled by hotels in southern Europe.

#3: How Long Is The Ski Season?

The snow begins to drop in the late fall, and ski season can last until the waning days of February. The state parks commission determines when skiing is safe, but every resort is covered with powder for the majority of the season. Skiers who love coming to the Valley may make more than one trip, and there is quite a bit to enjoy in the resorts in the area.

The Squaw Valley is home to some of the best skiing in the world, and there are several resorts in the Valley that will help travelers relax after a long day on the slopes. The beautiful resorts created by Andy Wirth recall the days of the 1960 Olympics, are filled with modern technology and help skiers enjoy a luxury vacation in the California mountains.

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