Wirth Versus Incorporation

As reported by the Reno-Gazette Journal, communities in the Lake Tahoe area are still dealing with the troubling effects of a season of serious drought. The troubling weather was made most apparent this recent weather, and it has affected resorts and businesses in the area. Making matters worse is the continuing battle over ownership of the Olympic Valley. And though many see no end that would benefit the region, Andy Wirth has stepped in to the fray.

Wirth has been pretty vocal about the state of the region. As he has pointed out, when the weather is in proper sync, the local economy boosts as vacationers flock to resorts. And, for the most part, warmer winters over the past decade has crippled this cycle of vacationers. But there’s still money to be there, and that’s behind the movement to incorporate the Olympic Valley, which has an insecure future for businesses already struggling to hold on.

To combat this, Wirth’s Squaw Valley Holdings has pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars to stay incorporation, holding off the eventual tax hikes and business losses for the region.

Despite his attempts to limit their reach, those who have invested in incorporation seem to be moving ahead, even promotion developmental plans for both residential and commercial real estate, all connected with a gondola that could run from the Squaw Valley to Alpine Meadows. In response to condemnations from Wirth and others, the incorporates claim that their opposition is simply protecting their own financial interests and point to the hundreds of thousands spent to oppose them. This is an argument that quickly fell apart when it was revealed that either side of the incorporating divide have spent nearly evenly in this fight.

Ultimately, residents of the region found out that this was a fight they didn’t have to worry over. The Local Agency Formation Commission of California has determined that the plans for incorporation were not financially feasible for the region at this time.

This places the future of the region back in the hands of the people who work and live there. Wirth sees this as the perfect opportunity for those who contribute to the local economy to invest in infrastructure in anticipation for the coming vacationing season.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a place where he’s devoted his time and energy into making ski resorts a welcoming destination that would attract tourists from all over the world. Working so closely with nature, Wirth has developed a love of nature and the causes that benefit it, especially in the case of Lake Tahoe.

Wirth has also worked on other philanthropic causes, such as the Wounded Warrior Support, a team that raises money by competing in Ironman competitions that are then donated to the Navy SEAL foundation, helping special operators and their families adjust to domestic life.

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