George Soros Keeps on Going despite Attacks and Vilification

George Soros made his billions in the world of currency and stock speculation, making himself extremely wealthy. He is currently ranked on the Forbes List at No. 35 among the world’s richest people. His contributions and involvement in global causes is extensive.

For example, he provided much-needed support to various civil-society movements that were operating across the former Soviet bloc. In the West, he probably did more than any other private citizen towards nudging European Communism into the dustbin of history. While his private pro-democracy initiatives continue to thrive, lately, he has added a sizable domestic component that includes funding for advocacy groups and liberal policy institutes.

Media Attacks on Soros

George has recently been the target of concerted US right wing media attacks. For example, Glenn Beck has for long been blaming Soros for what he calls “progressivism“. Soros has also been partly blamed by Breitbart for the growing refugee crisis in Europe. The George Soros conspiracy has been accompanied by leaked George Soros emails. The latest is George Soros Wikileaks accusing the billionaire investor of anti-Semitism.

Pamela Gellar, the Pro-Israel right-wing political commentator has been accusing Soros of actually undermining Israel, while the far-right anti-Semites have also tweeted about some George Soros conspiracy towards undermining the white race.

The Fox News Attack

Glenn Beck, America’s highest-rated cable-news network’s top-ranked star, recently devoted 3 hour-long TV episodes to an attack on Soros. One doesn’t have to be a professional semiotician in realizing that the promo by Glenn Beck is designed to leave the impression that Soros is an anti-Semite. The promo wants to somehow depict Soros as being complicit in the Holocaust, therefore an enemy of the Jewish State of Israel.

These are all lies told by insinuation, nevertheless lies all the same, directed against the funder of liberal and anti-totalitarian causes, and influential hedge-fund investor.

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George Soros – CNBC –

Wikileaks Attacks on Soros

For long, Soros has long been a target hate-figure of the Right Wing. However, the extreme reactions to the latest George Soros Wikileaks – the dumping of emails linked to the Soros Foundation are still baffling. The George Soros emails leaks are widely being suspected of having a Russian hand.

He Keeps Going

The trouble, according to many who admire and follow George Soros is that it would appear that quite frankly, he doesn’t seem to give a damn. He rarely rises to the bait being thrown at him, whether the slime is being hurled from Fox News or from his former country.

Perhaps he is immune to vilification and attacks. He would appear to take some kind of perverse pride in remaining the eternal outsider, not confined to associations or clubs. He simply flicks off the newest attack and keeps going.


George Soros is an extremely wealthy man, a major contributor to numerous global progressive and charitable causes, and a vociferous critic of the US-Israeli policy, and no doubt, some people are bound to hate him.

But if a man with such humble beginnings, who spent part of his teenage years hiding from the Nazis can manage to attain such global prominence, give so generously to causes, and at the same time antagonize the extreme pro-Israel Right, the neo-Nazis, and Vladimir Putin, it ought to give all of us some reason to be optimistic.

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White Shark Media Complaints Addressed In An Effort To Maintain Excellent Customer Service

White Shark Media opened their doors in 2011. It was one of 29 Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partners in the US. Since their inception, they have helped thousands of customers across the country to build their marketing campaigns and manage them on their behalf.

The results have been astounding. Like any newer business, they have had their ups and downs. While they have had many compliments, they have also had some constructive criticism that they have had to deal with. Rather than pushing it under the rug, they choose to openly address the critique in 2014. A letter published by one of the management team seemed to put existing and future customers at ease.

According to TheValanx, When White Shark Media first opened, they didn’t have a direct telephone system with dedicated account representatives. Through all the complaints they received, it seemed that was one thing that people hated most. Now, all accounts have been assigned a dedicated representative.

These reps have voice mail and can be directly dialed during business hours. There is no need to go through several people to get to the right person. The response to this fix has been overwhelming. Read more: Improved Because of Them

Another problem that many customers mentioned is that they want to know what was going on with their accounts. While results can be seen in as little as one month, it can take up to three months for the full impact to be felt. So, in answer to this problem, each account gets monthly reports and a telephone conference with their account manager. This ensures that they always know what is going on and can give input regarding account transactions.

White Shark Media also wanted to make sure that their customers felt they were getting a good deal. They now offer flat fee marketing solutions with full transparency. They don’t even require a contract to sign up for services. You can simply pay as you go and cancel at any time. This allows anyone that has their doubts about signing up for a new service to try it out.

Though White Shark Media Complaints team does not have any SEO program at this time, they are happy to overlook any program that may be integrated with their aspects of business. They will consider adding something of this nature in the future. For right now, they feel like they have their hands full with keeping the customers happy and making money. Addressing these issues is one thing but making sure they never happen again shows what a good company they are.

The Key Steps To Becoming A Successful Investment Banker Like Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is an important industry that helps companies, individuals and governments to invest their money. Professionally trained experts known as investment bankers oversee these tasks. Although many people would like to become investment bankers, not many manage to navigate successfully through the rigorous steps involved in becoming one.
For one to become an investment banker, he or she must have the necessary educational background. Most investment bankers usually undertake a banking related major while in college. These courses include economics, finance, accounting and business. However, individuals with backgrounds in engineering and mathematics have also succeeded in investment banking.
Students should brush up their spreadsheet and presentation skills. Thorough practice is needed to ensure that one fully masters both Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Moreover, internship in big investment banks is one of the best ways to get set for the industry. Individuals that cannot get internships in different investment banks should try smaller banks.
Individuals should network with other like-minded individuals and with the already established investment bankers. Joining investment clubs in campus or contacting peers through Linkedin and Facebook can also help one to create a good network. In addition, good grooming is also part of improving one’s image in the field.
As soon as one graduates with an undergraduate degree, he or she should enroll for an MBA. This provides him or her with an opportunity to network further and take part in recruitment drives. Like in other fields, the more firms that one approaches, the higher the chances of him or her landing a job.
About Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is an example of a good investment banker. His success has seen him start a firm called Lustgarten Martin. He is the CEO of the firm. Many investors have always kept an eye on his moves because of the several right market moves that he has made in the past. Martin is a good role model for anyone interested in having a career in the investment-banking field.
Lustgarten strongly believes in international investment. To this end, he has invested in many countries. This move has seen him reduce the risks exposed to his wealth besides benefiting from growth in various countries. Lustgarten is a citizen of both Austria and Venezuela.

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Cosmetic Breast Surgeons A New Way To Find One

The customers of cosmetic surgery used to be only for the rich and famous. Movie stars and celebrities were the only kinds of people that had any interest in that medical specialty. However, celebrities like Wayne Newton, Meg Ryan, and Jennifer Grey are not the mainstay of cosmetic surgery today. Today cosmetic surgery has become a mainstream normal medical item thanks a lot to TV shows and infomercials according to Rod Rohrich. Another thing that has increased their use is the consultation. More and more patients are taking advantage of consultation. These are prospective patients traveling from doctor to doctor to get information through a consultation. These consultations also help the prospective patient become comfortable not only with the surgeon but also with the procedure. Source:

A new innovation in finding the right cosmetic surgeon like Rod Rohrich is Zwivel an online site that offers a simple and easy way to connect doctors and new patients seeking plastic surgery. This new site has also been credited with increasing procedures because of the extensive number of surgeons using it and the extensive amount of information it provides back to the patient. Before Zwivel only about 36% of patients who came in for a consultation actually got a procedure done. Like all new businesses on it generally takes some time for the idea to take off, this has also been true with Zwivel. This year , 2016, revenue is expected to top $1 million dollars by year’s end, $4 million dollars in 2018 and by 2020 revenues are expected to be at $15 million dollars.

Zwivel has also been marketing its site through trade conventions and trade shows which are where a frustrated patient, Ms. Ingerman a resident of Ft. Worth, Texas, found Dr. a prominent Dallas plastic surgeon who was listed on Zwivel. She wanted breast enlargement surgery and was so impressed with Rod Rohrich’s credentials that she immediately booked a formal consultation and had the surgery done the next month. In Fact, after her breast enlargement was completed, Ms. Ingerman was so impressed with the results that she is considering having him do another procedure for her, a rhinoplasty. She has also introduced the Zwivel site and Dr. Rohrich to her mother Angel. She is also quoted as saying that as people find out that they can do surgeon consultations online and find out about surgical pricing and the doctors experience that Zwivel has a good chance of completely taking over how you shop for cosmetic surgery.

The DIY Investor

Malini Saba is one of the worlds most respected and successful investors and philanthropists. She is an investor to several organizations with goals ranging from empowering women to real estate. She is also the Chairman of Saban, a company that she founded which retains investment interest for companies worldwide. In 2001 Malini founded “Stree: Global Investments in Women“. This non-profit organization is geared toward restructuring and rebuilding the self esteem of low income and at-risk women and children around the world. “Stree” not only aims at helping improve the attitude of women toward themselves, but also provides assistance with obtaining healthcare and legal assistance. In June of 2005 The South Asian philanthropist made a $1 million donation toward the first Heart Research Hospital for people of her origin. Malini says the inspiration behind Seban came from her desire to invest in other companies and being unable to get into a VC group, undeterred by this she created her own company that retains varied investments.

Malini Saba was born and raised in Perth Australia. After finishing high school, she earned her degree in Psychology. Though she loved her home and family, the opportunities overseas caught her attention and she soon found herself on a flight to San Francisco, California. Malini has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and has made investments in more than twenty businesses outside of her own. She welcomes and embraces both challenge and change, and says that the idea of being CEO is what was most appealing to her. She can be considered an optimist and says that she often enjoys the task of getting through the tough times, because she knows that the only way to look from the bottom, is up. She is a true inspiration to both women and individuals of ethnic origin. Malini has shown that dedication and and determination lay the foundation for a successful business, and that neither gender or ethnicity should ever be allowed to hold you back.

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl, Validates George Soros Predictions

Recently, Philip Delhi, the president of Us Money Reserve, had a radio interview with Enterprise Podcast about the state of the economy and some benefit that can be accrued from investing in gold. The Money Reserve is the certified distributor of gold, silver, and platinum for the Us Government.

Diehl has served as the director of US Mint Company, where he had a very successful career. He was the first to initiate a multi- year customer refurbish. He was also instrumental in fashioning 50 State Quarter Program that becomes the most successful coin program in the U.S.

He launched the Sacagawea dollar and the first Mint platinum coin of the nation. Diehl also serves under the Industry Council for Tangible Assets as a board member. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

In an interview with host Eric Dye, Diehl pointed out that world finical uncertainty and volatility has increased due to the rise of “BRIC” countries. The economic success being experienced by populations from these countries put pressure on the price of Gold. Read more: US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730

In fact, that 65% of gold sales in the world is currently coming from come from India and China. Diehl hinted that central banks have been buying gold silently, and they will continue to buy more gold to sustain their reserve value.

Diehl explained that “what goes Up, Must Come down”, he was referring to the U.S. dollar that has become stronger compared to the other main currencies in the past few years. He pointed out that the trend is not sustainable, although he cannot tell the exact top of U.S. dollar. However, he firmly believes we are coming closer to it now. Read More: Buy Gold Bullion Coins & Bars

At an economic forum held late last year in Colombo, Sri Lank, a legendary investor George Soros said the current economic environment reflect 2008. He explained that China is struggling with finding a new growth model and by devaluing its currency; it is transferring its problems to other nations. China is releasing a lot of money on the US Money Reserve that would make the value of dollar too high and amount to a crisis.

Gold is often treated as a haven during economic turmoil. In its physical form, gold is treated as buy and hold investment. People buy gold and as a long-term investment and as a form of insurance against expected economic crises. According to Diehl, average investors can invest in coins and share the profit in the coming gold price rise.

SEC Whistleblowers Gain Needed Protection

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (known as the Dodd-Frank Act) is a landmark piece of legislation passed in 2010 in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. The bill includes numerous provisions that are intended to add stability to the US economy through increased regulation and oversight of financial institutions and Wall Street. The act created multiple new government agencies to establish and supervise the vast scope of the bill.

For example, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is designed to prevent the predatory mortgage lending that led to the 2008 meltdown. It mandated simplified language of mortgage terms, prevents mortgage brokers taking advantage of borrowers with inflated commissions for with predatory fees and high interest rates, and says that financial institutions cannot push potential borrowers toward the loan that will result in the highest profit for the institution. The CFPB also covers all varieties of consumer lending, including auto loans, personal loans, and credit/debit cards. It also required a simplifying of the language on credit card applications.

Perhaps the most hailed set of regulations in the act are the new whistleblower protections that many believe could have prevented the very economic crisis the Dodd-Frank Act was written in response to. This program provides unprecedented employment protections and monetary incentives to report possible violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Notable regulations include prohibiting and increasing penalties for employer retaliation, along with the incentive to earn 10-30% of the monetary sanctions collected as a result of a successful SEC enforcement action.

In the past potential whistleblowers had to go through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), but they now have the opportunity to go straight into district court with their allegations. This has led law firms around the country to establish a practice focused exclusively on protecting and advocating for whistleblowers. While the complexities of the Dodd-Frank Act are overwhelming for many individuals unfamiliar with legal language and financial markets, many of these specialized firms have extensive knowledge and past experience dealing with the SEC and financial analysis. An added benefit of a potential SEC whistleblower being represented by an attorney during the complaint and investigation process is the ability to report possible violations anonymously, further reducing retaliation by employers.

Bad Reviews Are Bad For Buisness, Can Help

Being an entrepreneur, your life is your business and your business is your life, so when both your reputation and livelihood are threatened by bad search results it can feel like everything is falling apart. It is important to remember that your business is not going to fall apart just because some disgruntled people try to attack you or your business. So take a deep breath and figure out how to rise above this unfortunate, but all too common, situation and you will find that a few simple steps and services like can help remove negative news online.

Business owner Kizanzi Constable has gone through just such an attack on his business and reputation and has some very good advice on how to deal with and overcome a bad rap. First and foremost, this is an attack on your livelihood, this is your business, and this is what pays your bills, so resist the urge to say or do nothing but you cannot get angry and lash back emotionally for risk of looking unprofessional either. Instead you will want to respond with action, like providing you existing customers with assurances that their service will not suffer, you will not pull up shop on them, and even provide extra value that meets your customers’ needs. This is your way to counteract the bad with a lot of good, your customers will be reassured that despite any other unpleasantness, your focus is still on them and quality service. Speaking of which, never forget why you’re doing this in the first place.

The last piece of advice Mr. Constable had is to reach out for support. You must conduct yourself professionally but that doesn’t mean you must suffer this alone. Talk and plan your next steps out with those you trust. Make sure to include an online cleanup service, such as, to help clean up online reputations. Bad press and reviews are a part of doing business, but you don’t have to take it lying down, there is help out there for you. Follow Search Cleanup on Twitter @search_cleanup to learn more.


George Soros, who had apparently taken a break from wall street, is back to trading. He has taken a bearish move by selling stocks and in turn buying gold and stocks in gold miners. He has taken the measures due to his predictions that the European Union might collapse arising from the refugee crisis. He also points out that the activities in Britain which plan on a referendum to exit European Union might lead to a decrease of prices in the stock market. George Soros also indicates that there is a lot of capital flight from China which further enhances his prospect of making high profits from his bearish tendency of selling shares now.

Being a trading legend, George Soros has obviously raised eyebrows with people starting to look at the prospect of stock prices plunging at this time. The trading magnate is concerned about large market shifts that will occur globally. His sentiments are being aired by other stock market geniuses. This has led to the question of whether a crisis like the one experienced in the late 2000’s is about to occur once more. With the world not having recovered quite fully from the shock causes by the inflation in the recent past there is a need to take control measures to prevent a fall in the stock market.

Soros since founding Hedge Fund which evolved over time to the well famed Quantum Fund has shown nothing but brilliance in his interpretation of the market fund. He has beaten the market trend on more than one occasion by making predictions that have proved to be very fruitful.

In 2008 in his book,”The New Paradigm for Financial Markets.”. He made a prediction about the financial crisis that occurred that year which he termed as being the worst since the crisis in 1930. This was another of his predictions that showed him as a brilliant trader and investor who was well aware of his trading environment.

George Soros is famed for making great returns on investment with going short on the British Pound in 1992 being his highlight.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

In 1992 he risked a good $10 billion to speculate against the pound and in turn made $1 billion in profit on a one day. It is said that his speculation during that period gave him up to $2 billion profits. He believes that market participants work together and move in herds. This simply explains the reason why he foresees a great negative wave of change in the stock market due to the uncertainty that Britain in the case of exit will lead to stockholders selling their stocks in bulk. In case that happens the decrease in demand for the shares will lead to a fall in prices. George Soros has therefore chosen to buy gold which is considered less volatile in order to avoid great losses.

For a long time, Soros has been away from major investment decision in his companies, but he has recently become much more active. He has increased his interaction with many executives and has been seen as increasingly vigilant to avoid becoming a victim in the expected surge of the stock market. Soros has made billions for himself and others in his overly successful Quantum Fund. The firm under his stewardship made an average of 30% profit per year for 20 years with some years recording 100% profit. He is most certainly an icon, and his predictions are bound to influence a good number of people. The spotlight is shining on him this time round to see if he will continue to make great predictions as he did before.

He makes clear his observation that people trade using emotions instead of the logical interpretation of the situation. Thus in the situation where the Euro crisis has not completely ebbed off and continuing problems in the region he indicates in his book, ” The Tragedy of the European Union.” Soros show that there is a decrease in trust within the region and this following the emotions of people is bound to affect the stock market as well as the capital market.

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Wengie’s Asian Facial Massage Secrets

Wengie is a popular beauty blogger that is based in Australia. Wengie is also a very popular Youtuber. Her channel receives millions of views yearly. Her popularity is off the charts because her down to earth videos are charming and well produced. Wengie shares secrets and tips on subjects that range from beauty, skincare, to facial massages too. In this video, Wengie shares a few secrets about Asian Facial Massages. You’ve probably noticed that Wengie has great looking skin. Well, the fact is that Asian women have been using facial massage to improve the circulation, tone, and texture of their skin for years. In this video, Wengie shows how to give a great facial massage for glowing skin.

Wengie’s Asian Facial Massage
Wengie shares that facial massages are an obsession with Asian women. Most Asian women are obsessed with creating the popular V line face shape. In addition, the massage is thought to remove bloating and firm the cheeks. The massage also tones and tightens the skin on the face to keep the skin glowing and looking very youthful. Check out the easy to follow video that gives instruction on performing the treatment. Wengie advises viewers to avoid using those plastic spoons. They might damage the skin and are not very effective. She advises viewers to use rounded ceramic spoons or Chinese spoons. Also, use your favorite massage oil to lubricate the skin. This is a great tutorial on facial massage that just about anyone could do at home. It is very similar to a wonderful professional massage that you might receive at a spa.


Find out more about Wengie: