The Bruno Fagali Chronicles

Bruno Fagali is the CEO and founder of the FAGALI advocacy, which is mainly based in Brazil. This law firm specializes in taking up clients who are basically in the business world. They have a mission of being a great help to the businesses within Brazil which usually experience a lot of legal problems due to the nature of the policies and regulations within their country.

The Brazilian system is a very strict one, with so many complicated laws and smaller timelines for implementation of the regulations introduced as legislation. Most companies and business persons usually find it very difficult to fit in this system. It even becomes more difficult for them when all the advocates who could help them out take advantage and are extravagant in their charges. Bruno Fagali, however, is very modest in his charges and is, therefore, a champion among many of these business people.

The modest charges could be misinterpreted to mean that the services expected from him are not of high quality. Quite the contrary, Fagali can make arguments and interpretations of the law which are very strong. This could be attributed to the experience that he has gained over his many years of experience. He began practicing law in the year 2012. He has worked with different law firms, which each teach him something new in practice, sharpening his skills.

The experience could be the greatest contributor to good work. However, his knowledge in the legal field came from the education he got in Law in Sao Paulo. Apart from the good quality of work, Bruno is also usually enthusiastic about the people that he works with. He is always enthusiastic about ensuring that he creates a good and ethical team, which would guarantee him excellent results in practice.

He usually requires a lot of cooperation and objectivity from his employees. Therefore, he ensures, right from the formulation of his HR policy, that he has made attempts to get only the best employees for Fagali’s firm, the FAGALI advocacy. This law firm has already created a good reputation so far, but they would be sure about building and leaving a legacy under the leadership of Bruno.

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Peter Briger, The Outstanding Leader of Fortress Investment

Peter Briger is known as one of the leading business experts globally. Actually, he appears among the top four hundred business professionals in Forbes list. According to 2008 Forbes’ statistics, he occupied the nine hundred and sixty-two position in the world’s Billionaires’ list. He has acquired much of his wealth through working with numerous brands across the globe. Right now, Peter is the President and Co-Chairman of Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group.Initially, the business professional had worked for fifteen years as a partner at Goldman Sachs & Company before joining Forbes. Peter went to Princeton University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Later on, he joined Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania where he was also awarded a Master’s degree in Business Administration. His professional journey started soon after college when he joined Goldman Sachs.

While working in the firm, he was entrusted a lot of roles. Peter Briger was in charge of both multiple disciplines, ranging from management to administrative duties like trading in loans, debt financing, real estate and financial investments. These tasks provided him with remarkable experience in investment banking which later led to his appointment as the Co-Chief Executive Officer in Fortress Investment.Peter played a key role in the growth of Fortress Group. He listed the company’s shares in the stock exchange. As an alternative investment firm, the company managed to be the first one to go public. Consequently, it earned a good position in the investment industry for handling private and institutional investors. Due to his excellent management skills, the firm is currently running assets that are worth over sixty-five billion dollars. Peter is acknowledged as a savior of countless companies. He has assisted them raise capital during financial crisis.

Worldwide, Peter Briger is known for his expertise in changing debt capital into liquid cash.In 2013, Fortress Investment group planned for a meeting in New York. A couple of executives from top rated banks were invited to talk over Bitcoin technology. The project, named as ‘first regulated Bitcoin exchange’, was to be discussed and Peter Briger was given the platform to air his opinion on the same. The business expert encouraged Wells Fargo to consider maintaining Bitcoin technology. In the meeting, they agreed to launch a public exchange at the Wall Street. Unfortunately, the idea did not push through because Bitcoin did not pick up due to many problems that arose thereafter. Despite the go slow, the two companies are still convinced that their Bitcoin exchange project will reached Wall Street in the future.

Contributions of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the prominent medical practitioners in the world. He is a pediatric surgeon in New Jersey for the past four decades. He clearly an experienced surgeon who has spent his career helping people who suffer from different illnesses. As a pediatric surgeon, he deals with children and young adults. In his tenure as a surgeon, Dr. Saad has helped thousands of patients live a healthy life by performing simple and complex surgeries. He has always been a professional on a mission to change the industry by focusing on how to make the surgeries safe. He has spent his career seeking new methods and procedures for procuring surgical operations. He has challenged the status quo with the aim of bringing new methods of doing things. Learn more:


In his bid to make new methods and procedures for performing surgical procedures, he has come up with two inventions. These inventions will facilitate efficient surgical operations for patients. These two inventions have been patented and will soon be in the hospital near you because they are unique and will contribute towards making surgical operations easier for practitioners.


In the 40 years that he has been in practice, he has helped patients from different parts of the world. Although he is licensed to practice in the United States, his services have been sought after by other people from other countries. He has also willingly offered services through medical missions in different parts of the world. In the 1980s, he was working in the Middle East after the Saudi Royal hired him as a special pediatric surgeon. He was working from the King Faisal Hospital, a facility that used to accommodate patients from the royal families from around the Middle East. It was located in Riyadh. Dr. Saad Saad stayed in Riyadh for four and a half years after which he came back to the United States.


Dr. Saad Saad offers services without looking at the origin of the patient. He has been to various parts of the globe where he has offered better services without discrimination. He sticks with the best practices of the industry and has never allowed anyone to suffer under his watch. Dr. Saad Saad has participated in numerous medical missions around the world most of them in Palestine which is his birthplace. Dr. Saad came to the United States as a refugee and has managed to prove that no matter who you are, with the right mindset and determination, you will make it in the industry. He went through a challenging childhood and still managed to become a top pediatric surgeon in the world who have made incredible contributions in making surgical procedures safe by coming up with inventions that will change the way they are done.

Randal Nardone’s History and Fortress Investment Dealings

At age 51, Randal (Randy) Nardone has reached the Forbes list at rank number 557. Since 2005 alone, the man has personally earned over $100 million. Randal Nardone is the ex CEO of Fortress Investment Group, which was just acquired by Japan’s SoftBank last year in a merger for 3.3 billion dollars. According to, in terms of his educational background, Randal got his BA in English and Bio from UConn, and his J.D. at Boston University. Co-founding Fortress in ‘98, he is now the COO. Fortress was actually the first hedge fund to publicly list themselves on the stock market, in a move which garnished $600 million to the company right near the biggest financial collapse in the history of the United States.

Randal has held many roles previously another financial institutions before Fortress, as a matter of fact: He was once a director at UBS during the late 90’s, and Also worked at BlackRock Financial for a period of time as well. Additionally, he also served as director of many organizations like Springleaf, OneMain, RIC Coinvestment, Newcastle Investment, Eurocastle Investments, Alea Group Holdings, and doBank. The Randal Nardone Bloomberg bio reveals that he was also the interim CEO of Fortress between 2011-2013, so he has held many roles over the years and continues to do so even into today at Fortress

The recent SoftBank acquisition of Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investments was actually a small purchase for SoftBank, amongst the sea of other companies which were bought up. Some of them include the likes of Sprint mobile phone carriers (2013), as well as U.K. microprocessing company ARM Holdings PLC, which was a 32 billion dollar purchase. Still, the Fortress Investment group which Randal Nardone founded will go down in history as one of the first companies to publicize wealth management which was historically reserved for the super rich.

OSI Group and Enormous Changes

OSI Group has the distinction of being among the globe’s biggest food suppliers. It has a staff that consists of 20,000 workers in total. These professionals work in 65 different centers presently. They span a whopping 17 different nations around the planet as well. The company has relatively modest origins. Although it started out as a rather small operation, it currently is a celebrated corporate entity and powerhouse. OSI Group’s background has a lot to do with immigrants who are located in the United States. Otto Kolschowsky resided in Chicago, Illinois in a German neighborhood decades and decades ago. The Windy City was the location of many people with German cultural backgrounds then. It was a serious industrial hub. It was also a place for fresh immigrants who had just departed from their home nations far away and more

Kolschowsky launched a tiny meat store in the Oak Park section of Chicago back in 1909. This neighborhood was situated on the city’s west side. This was merely a couple of years after he arrived on American shores in the first place. His aim in establishing this store was to accommodate the people who lived in his neighborhood. The business soared. It didn’t take long for it to grow substantially. This encouraged Kolschowsky to put his concentration on the wholesale realm. That’s the reason he relocated to a totally different neighborhood in this city. This one was known as Maywood. Kolschowsky changed the name of the business to Otto & Sons. He did this back in 1928. Otto & Sons was the picture of glory for a while. It essentially epitomized businesses that did well but that didn’t take over the planet in full.

Otto & Sons grew into something totally different with the passing of time. It grew into the highly praised OSI Group. It took a lot of time and effort to make this major adjustment take place. Its name was tweaked yet again in the middle of the seventies in 1975. This time it was called OSI Group. Although the company had been functioning for three quarters of a century, it realized that it was ready then for something a lot bigger. That thing was the planet.

OSI Group presently is among the planet’s most important and irreplaceable suppliers of food products of all types. It has ties with many nations everywhere as well. These include Poland, Brazil and Mexico.

Chris Burch Gives Gold Nuggets

Let me start off by clarifying. Chris Burch did not actually give our golden nuggets. He gave out advice that is worth much more than gold… if applied correctly. Chris Burch has quite a number of blog posts on several different websites where he very generously hands out some of his best and most valuable advice. And he does this for free.

The quality of generosity may not be something that is required to obtain success, or maybe even keep it. But what is success if you are never in a good mood? You will never truly enjoy your wealth. The advice that Chris Burch has to give does not come with a lot of bells and whistles. It is no secret. Yet, many easily forget about what they once had and were capable of.

In one of his articles, Chris Burch touches upon several points. First of all, he goes on to advise that it is great to do your best to find the opportunity at every turn. That means that even if you are faced with a mountain of challenges, you can still find the opportunity in it all. And that, according to Chris himself, is the key to success, his explanation on

The first nugget of gold that Chris Burch dishes out is focus. When you want to start your own business, chances are that, eventually, you will need a team. This has been verified by one too many successful entrepreneurs. You can’t do it alone. For that reason, Chris urges for the first step to get everyone on the same page, for everyone on the team to focus on the same goal. That will greatly assist in bringing it closer to completion much faster.

Chris Burch states that if people on the team can’t see the opportunity in the challenge that it is better to place them in a position of assisting others to get past the challenge, check over here ( To assist those that can see the opportunity. If not, the next best thing to do is to let those kinds of people go and find those who can see the opportunity in the mountain of challenges.

Tips from Upwork: Productivity Starts With a Good To-Do List!

If you are wondering how to have a more productive day, Upwork has tips on how to prepare a useful to-do list. Upwork is a website that offers clients and freelancers a simple way to find each other and work together in a remote setting. They save clients money, and they help freelancers with being more productive by offering them a place to find the clients they need.

Preparing Your To-Do List

A to-do list should be ready to go the night before you are ready to tackle the tasks. Save your mornings for important high-stress tasks. Most people work best right after they wake up!

Just One List

Organize your to-do list. Keep one list, either on an app or in a notebook, so you don’t have to look for the things you need to remember.

Jot It Down!

If you are busy and have a million other things running through your head, write them down so you can focus better on your priorities. This will help keep your head clear and you will feel less pressure.

Time Matters

If you know how much time a task will take and when you should start the task, then write that down next to your to-do. This will help you stay organized and know your day.

Stress-Free Days

If you are a person that gets overwhelmed easily, learn to delegate the tasks that you don’t have to do yourself. If it isn’t important, try taking it off of your to-do list for a while.

Batch Tasks Together

Upwork suggests putting all of your similar tasks in one batch. Do emails or paperwork all at once, and you should get a burst of energy seeing your list shorten quickly.

Take Note Of Your Energy Levels

When working throughout the day, observe your energy levels. This will help you decide what tasks are for high-energy periods of the day.

Dissect Your Projects

If you have a major project, try to separate it into smaller tasks. This will allow you to see what you can delegate, and you will feel less overwhelmed.

If you follow these suggestions for an efficient to-do list, your day should be more productive.


Mental Health Struggles And Marriages: Roseann Bennett Addresses The Challenges

Mental health issues are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. There have been many instances in the news of celebrities coming forward about their own personal struggles with mental health and, sadly, others that have chosen to take their own lives. A (LMFT) licensed marriage and family therapist, Roseann Bennett has been working to remove the negative stigma from getting therapy for mental health disorders.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in its honor, Roseann Bennett shared one of the most common struggles adults have- marital depression. The term ‘depression’ is common, but most people haven’t heard of it in reference to marriage specifically.


As a marriage counselor, Bennett sees this form of depression frequently and knows that it stems from untreated personal depression. The problems that stem from that put huge amounts of strain on a couple. Eventually, both parties struggle or act out because of one person’s mental health issue. Roseann Bennett encourages people to not let their depression reach this pinnacle, but rather to treat it early to prevent larger problems in the long-run.


Tips to Stay in Control of Your Mental Health from Roseann Bennett


  • Talk to someone that can help


  • Avoid unnecessary stress


  • Focus on the positive things in life


  • Don’t try to control everything-it won’t work


Roseann Bennett is the founder and Executive Director of Center for Assessment and Treatment. Center for Assessment and Treatment, a charitable organization that focuses on treating mental health problems for all people in need. The organization has been open and helping people for eight years while Bennett herself has over a decade of therapy experience. Visit This Page to learn more.


Roseann Bennett continues to focus on serving others in her community, spending time with her family, and helping people improve their lives through addressing mental health needs rather than purely physical needs.



Sameer Jejurikar’s facial surgery procedure

The face is a central figure in the human body and it is quite important that we take good care of our facial features. The facelift is one of the techniques in the field of plastic surgery to convert your existing one into a totally transformed and rejuvenated one. It could be performed on individuals of any age group even though the average age of a facelift patient is around 40 years. When you are operated on a facelift surgery, your cheeks, jawline, and chin are the areas most likely to be targeted. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is an expert in the facelift procedures having operated an innumerable number of successful surgeries on his patients.

As we grow older, the tissues that are central to facial expressions tend to start sagging which results in the creation of jowls along the jawline. If you want to get rid of it, try to get a SMAS facelift procedure which would effectively correct the jowls giving you a more fresh and young look. This is generally considered to be ideal for people who are 50 years old or above. A facelift is not the only thing included in the facial surgery procedures. Many people even go for something called as blepharoplasty or cosmetic eyelid surgery. It helps in replenishing the upper and lower portion of the eyelids and the adjacent areas. It also eliminates any droopiness associated with the eyelids.

Dr. J is an expert surgeon in any of the above-mentioned surgical procedures and brings a proven track record of successes in his field. He is always there to make sure that patients receive the best possible care for the money they spend. You could also expect the same comfort from his staff who would assist you all along the way and make you feel home while you enjoy the process of feeling young again.

PSI Pay the Company Spearheading the Success of Contactless Payment

As indicated by Consortium British Retail, more than a half of purchasing activities in Britain are carried out with the help of credit cards. The ongoing declaration by PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables, its subsidiary, could imply that payments which are cashless can progressively rule the market. The two organizations, promoting cashless payment, joined their power to discharge the principal payment that is contactless to the global industry. Very soon to dig in your pocket for additional money or to use the PIN number will be outdated. With the tremendous growth in various stores globally and around the United Kingdom, payments involving contactless is proliferating.


Notes and coins in the United Kingdom have been surpassed through the use of cards, presently, the contactless ring of payment supported by Kerv, and one of its kind is ready to undermine traditional forms of exchanges. The contactless form of trade, popularly referred to wave and pay, has existed in the industry for more than a decade and up to now represents thirty-three percent of all transactions carried out in the United Kingdom starting from 2015. The Church of England has followed suit guiding collections electronically across 40 places of worship to gather donations.


PSI-Pay indicates that this contactless payment utilizes credit, smartcards or debit as a type of pay for services and goods, the PSI-Pay organization provides this system. Intended for both durability and comfort, Kerv Ring is in 12 distinct sizes, formed for the two diverse genders, and are composed to withstand scratches and water damages. Both organizations have consolidated their efforts to propel this ring to the international space. Payments based on contactless are secured through the utilization of RFID technology or near-the field-NFC communication. For successfully using contactless payment, a purchaser is required to insert the ring or card to a terminal of the point-of-sale.


However, exchanges which contactless innovation can execute are restricted to shield shoppers from unapproved payments. The procedure doesn’t require a signature or a pin. The total figure of a single exchange fluctuates relating from one bank to another and also contrasts by area. In the United Kingdom, the capacity of ring payment is topped at around 30 pounds. PSI-Pay is the leading UK’s regulated Fintech organization, giving payment card and digital account facilities around the global market and on the other hand, Kerv is the primary innovator in the industry of alternative payments. Their collaborative power has formed a formidable force.