Why Fortress Investment Group Is The Best Financial Firm

Fortress Investment Group is celebrating more than twenty years of being in business and being successful. They have a distinguished track record since the established in 1998. The company has focused on expansion because the leaders want many entrepreneurs to achieve their best in their investment. Fortress Investment has been offering services to many entrepreneurs who have been happy with the progress of the company. Their excellent services have made them outshine many other companies because employees want to succeed in their investment endeavors. Today Fortress is known to many for proper leadership and successful investment plans.

The beginning of the company is when experienced entrepreneurs met and decided to start a unique organization that would change the financial industry. The good thing is that these leaders were visionary and they knew what they wanted. They are Rob Kauffmann Randal Nardone and Wes Edens. They came together as leaders and launched the company. They have worked with dedication, and through their commitment, the company is now achieving success. The company became even strong after Peter Briger joined them in 2002 and added his expertise. Peter Briger is one of the reliable partners who have rendered their services tirelessly to the organization.

Some reasons have made Fortress Investment Group to become a success. First, the leaders have trained their employees on how to handle customers. As a result, employees are always working hard to achieve the goals of the company. That is why they interact with their customers in friendly manner. The company is also free when it comes to dealing with their investors. They are allowed to follow their investments because the company has nothing to hide from their clients. The best experience has ensured that Fortress Investment keeps expanding because customers are satisfied with the services they get. That means that they refer others to the same company.

Excellent leadership is essential for a company to succeed. Fortress Investment Group boasts of having leaders who are experienced. They have worked for several financial firms, and they know the ups and downs of the industry. That is why they have never failed in their services.

Fortress Investment Group is promising its clients to serve them in the best way possible and ensure that they get the best results. The company has a committed team of experts that will not relent until their clients get the desired results. The firm has one mission of giving their customers the high-quality services they need.

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Alex Hern Wants To Take Virtual Reality Seriously

Virtual reality grows in popularity every day, and the interactive entertainment using the medium grows in popularity. Alex Hern sees the potential of this medium, but his vision involves something more serious. He wants to use virtual reality for business communication. In his view, virtual reality gives us a more complete way to communicate. We can use facial expressions and other forms of nonverbal communication to deliver message. The idea of serious VR is different from the pack, but it has revolutionary potential. We use mobile devices to communicate most of the time, but that could change if Hern has his way.

Tsunami VR is a company built around VR applications in business. Virtual reality is considered a form of interactive entertainment, and its potential in the business world is untapped. The software created by Tsunami VR is going to change this. When we communicate, we use more than our words to express ourselves. Most of our communication is nonverbal, but conventional means of communication limit our expression. Virtual reality is going to provide a more authentic way to send messages, and it’s going to change the nature of the workplace. In fact, our future work environments may become completely virtual.

Virtual reality is going to grow as a medium, and it’s going to become part of our lives. Just as smartphones became important to daily life, virtual reality is going to find a way to assimilate. People will use virtual reality to talk to each other as if they were in the same room. If the business world implements virtual reality early, it’s going to speed up the assimilation process. Alex Hern understands trends in the tech industry, and he sees an opportunity for his new company. Tsunami VR has a bold vision, but it’s under the care of an experienced leader.

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Chaos Fuel Talos Energy

The energy industry is both a risky venture and a profitable business depending on one’s perception. When it rains in that industry, it pours. The funny thing is that Talos Energy was born and continues to thrive on the problems, chaos, and despair to emerge victoriously. Talos Energy is the company that smells masked opportunity as far as Mexico.

Talos Energy trounces the competition in the industry by navigating dangerous waters. A while back, the company sought to acquire tone Energy, a bankrupt company. While it was accessible to sight debt, Talos saw a shortcut to trading publicly assets worth much more than the debt that lay bare for all to see. In 2005, the world would not touch the Phoenix field even with a long pole. It was a disaster site, who wants all the trouble? Talos Energy wanted it all and acquired it, turning it to the success it is today. A well so successful it produces sixteen thousand barrels in a single working day.

In the year gone by Talos Energy saw an opportunity that others passed by and acquired a newly auctioned field in Mexico. The idea seemed bonkers at the time but Talos being who they are grabbed the idea with both hands and set for billions in five years. It is a company that follows the less trodden path, buys into uncertainty and reaps big. It does not wonder for a company whose foundation was marked by a crashing oil market and still managed to emerge from the chaos that followed into the success it now enjoys.

More about Talos Energy

Tim Duncan is its founder. The company founded in 2012, has over two hundred employees who specialize in oil and natural gas. Although based in Houston, Texas, its principal operations are in the Gulf of Mexico. The company owes its success to a good management system, ground-breaking technology and not so textbook purchases. Talos Energy built and sold Phoenix Exploration Company and Gryphon Exploration Company both of which are still unbeaten. The company seems to thrive on a mantra of going big or go home. If it is not a scary investment enough, it’s not worth it for Talos Energy.

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Chris Burch: Tackling The Investment Industry With Creativity

Chris Burch has been making a name for himself for many years by starting up successful businesses and playing a role at various companies and bringing them further success. The billionaire has started up several successful ventures in his career, including Burch Creative Capital, an investment firm in New York that supplies some of the leading business strategies on the market. Chris Burch is on the higher end of popularity when it comes to an entrepreneur and he has worked with various industry veterans and celebrities throughout his career. Chris has even worked with Ellen DeGeneres for a time to help her build her own brand. Chris likes working with like-minded entrepreneurs like Ellen as it helps him build new perspectives as well as become inspired by her ability to inspire a huge number of people.

Despite the demanding business career he maintains, Chris Burch has always put philanthropy as a high priority. Chris has dedicated his fair share of time to charitable causes and has donated a lot of money to good causes. He has also been responsible for creating many jobs, not just in the United States, but at his Nihiwatu Island Resort as well. With more than four decades in the investment industry as a successful entrepreneur, one would think that Chris Burch would start settling down, check (Linkedin.com). Instead, Chris is always on the looked for a new business opportunity to add to his extensive portfolio of business projects.

There are many upsides to being an entrepreneur, not including the huge amount of wealth the career can provide when successful. That being said, there is a lot of hard work and dedication that comes with being an entrepreneur. Creativity is a must and a strong motivation will be critical in order to innovate and do things no one else is trying in the market. Chris Burch has been able to excel as an entrepreneur because he is constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to introduce products or services that are in demand to individuals in need, helpful source on bjtonline.com.

Dick DeVos- From CEO Of Amway To Change-Maker

Dick DeVos and his wife both come from money. They each inherited millions from their families. This, however, did not stop them from working hard and making a name for themselves. They are both major donors for the Republican party and have a love and passion for educational reform.


Younger Years


Dick’s father founded the Amway company. While he was younger, he worked hard to move his way up to the top of the company as the CEO. While working, he found out there were some plans being made to create a new convention center and sports arena in the Grand Rapids area. He was not happy about this because he was sure it would ruin the city.


Forming Grand Action Group


In order to try and stop the plan of the convention center, Dick DeVos started making calls to other business leaders in the area. These business men all have buildings across the skyline of the city and were equally afraid the new convention center would be detrimental to them.


Dick DeVos Finds Way To Put Airport On Map


Many years ago, Dick decided to call the AirTran CEO out of the blue. For most people, this would result in not getting through. Thankfully, the fact that Dick’s family owns the Orlando Magic basketball team helped get him a good conversation with the CEO. The reason for calling him was to try and work out a plan to get Grand Rapids Airport as a stop for the airlines.


Mr. DeVos had been originally tasked with trying to bring Southwest to the area. He got a stroke of good luck shortly after successfully getting flights to the city by AirTran. The airline was bought out by Southwest just a few months later.


In the middle of 2013, Southwest finally decided to add stops in St. Louis, Denver, Orlando and Baltimore. The addition of these stops brought in more passengers than the national average. This success led to many upgrades at the airport including a business center, upgraded bathrooms, easier security check-ins and new restaurants.


Dick’s wife is currently the United States Secretary of Education. Between Dick, Betsy and their oldest son, there was a bigger reason for wanting to bring more flights and success to the Grand Rapids airport. The corporate hangers in the airport are where the family started their first aviation charter school in 2010. The hanger is also where Dick stores his beloved aircraft collection.


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OSI Food Solutions, A Company that Feeds the World

OSI Food Solutions continues to be ranked as one of the leading providers for processing meats worldwide. The company continues to receive numerous awards yearly for their contribution to the food industry. In 2018 they won twelve medals during the world steak challenge; the event attracted hundreds of meat connoisseurs. There steaks had to compete against hundreds of steaks from around the world, from 22 different countries.

The company is currently led by chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin. With Mr. Lavin’s leadership the company has continued to experience spectacular growth, he also strives to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable food production industry. This has led to them winning countless awards, which include the Global Visionary Award, The Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council, The Green Business Award, and the North American Meat Institute Award, for their safety, efficiency, and profitability. The North American Meat Institute provides companies guidance and assistance for meat packers. The institute’s members produce the majority of meat products in the United States. Sheldon Lavin joined the company in 1975; with his commitment he has made OSI Solutions one of the largest food companies in the industry.

OSI Food Solutions currently employ well over twenty-thousand people. Forbes lists them the 58th largest privately owned company in the world. With annual sales of six billion, the company continues to serve food and service industries internationally. The company continues to expand its global influence on the food industry.

In 2016, they invested 17 million to increase their production operations in Spain. They managed to nearly double their processed chicken production, to twenty-four-thousand tons annually. In addition, they also process nearly twenty-thousand tons of beef and pork. The plant offers nearly twenty-two-thousand square feet to incorporate their large work force. The expansion will allow them to incorporate new products, and expand their growth. In 2016,

OSI Food Solutions expanded their empire by acquiring the Dutch Food Company Baho Foods. Baho Foods was a manufacturer mainly of deli meats and convenience foods. By adding Baho Foods to their portfolio gives OSI Food Solutions a broader presence in Europe and continues to straighten their capabilities. Baho foods operate processing plants throughout Western-Europe. You can find Baho Food products in over 18 countries. Baho Foods managing director, John Balvers is very excited about the merger; all of the former staff at Baho Food will be retained. With their combined strengths, OSI Food solutions will help provide them the support and strategy that will help ensure their continued economic growth.

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Paul Mampilly Discusses A Microchip In His IoT Niche In Newsletters

If you haven’t heard of the full potential of blockchain yet, Paul Mampilly can tell you about it. Mampilly offers stock and ETF trading advice to his newsletter readers and the internet of things (IoT) has been one of his latest interests. He mentioned that blockchain has the potential to store information gained from a microchip and keep it from being altered, and he said if that chip were to be implanted in humans and used to verify who a person said they were, ID cards would become a thing of the past. Paul Mampilly did acknowledge that it could sacrifice privacy to do so, but if it added convenience he’d do it. He recommended an ETF in a semiconductor company that was innovating in that field as well.

Paul Mampilly believes everyone should be able to build their own wealth and control it without needing a big bank or stock broker to do it. For a while he was managing assets for big banks and very wealthy clients as a portfolio advisor for Deutsche Bank, ING and Banker’s Trust, and later as a director at one of Wall Street’s top performing hedge funds. Mampilly even earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Montclair State University and later his Master’s in accounting from Fordham, and he also won an investment competition for buying stocks with $50 million in funds and growing it into $88 million. But he didn’t like the culture on Wall Street overall and wanted to help people who didn’t have deep pockets.

Paul Mampilly disappeared from the public spotlight for a few years and then placed out a video explaining that he was now living in an undisclosed location and spending more time with his family. He also explained what his newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing Company were about and how you could see how he picked stocks by reading them. His portfolio has shown profits in all his investments, and subscribers have often expressed their delight at Mampilly’s advice. To find out what Mampilly is currently recommending, you can go to www.banyanhill.com or follow him on Twitter where his handle is @mampillyguru.

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Freedom Checks And Balances: The More You Give, The More You Get

The name Matt Badiali has become synonymous to freedom checks. It was this geologist who first introduced this clever marketing concept.

As his work took him to various locations around the world, Badiali had the opportunity to interview the CEOs of some of the industry leaders involved with energy supply. It was during the stock market crash in 2008 when Badiali decided to act against the willful advice of his friends and family to invest in energy stocks. Two years later, he went on to earn a shocking profit of more than a thousand percent, easily making him one of the top investment strategists around. This was the same reason that he became the poster boy for freedom checks.

Many find it hard to trust what freedom checks offer since so many scams have sprung over the past few years. However, freedom checks are real and could definitely yield promising returns if one follows the correct steps and deal with the right people. The main idea behind the concept is that certain companies would rather award their profits to those who put money in them and not to the government.

According to Badiali, although there are more than 500 companies that are part of these MLPs or Master Limited Partnerships, he only would recommend five companies which have more control because of their investments in raw materials such as oil, timber and even gas, mineral along with precious and core metals like gold and silver. His recommendation makes sense because their value would be more stable than other investments. Keep in mind that population would always rise and the prime commodities would increase at the same rate. This clearly illustrates that energy companies can be excellent investment options. The more fuel needed, the higher the stock values would go.

Get-rich-quick schemes have tainted other legitimate investment opportunities. Many people ended up losing interest when they found out that freedom checks required initial investment. The concept became overwhelming for some but still proved to be a lucrative option for those who are still interested in making their money work for them. Put simply, it is a capital gain from an investment. You won’t earn big money if you don’t put in some big money.

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Ted Bauman’s Insights on Foreign Trade and Ways to Avoid it in the U.S.

Ted Bauman spends his days providing people with the resources they need to protect their business from third-party involvement such as corporate greed or governmental oversight. A graduate from the University of Cape Town, studying Economics and History, in addition to 25 years of experience as a fund manager for non-profit organizations give him the knowledge and field experience to understand how the economy affects the working class and manufacturers. Nowadays, Bauman resides in Atlanta, Georgia and discusses asset protection, low-risk investment strategies and other areas in the realm of corporate privacy as the editor of The Bauman Letter.

Ted Bauman takes part in the economic conversation of the occurring events happening in the United States and globally. Recently in an article published in Forbes Bauman discusses the importance of understanding foreign income in America. The article discusses Harley Davidson and their decision to take their production over to Europe in order to lower costs on European tariffs and be able to sell their products to the E.U. at a moderate price. However, the article also points out the question that perhaps the reason for this change may be in the higher expense of wages that the U.S. has in comparison to the EU.

To better understand the root of that question Ted Bauman analyzes what occurs when raising wages in the United States. If that is the goal it is safe to say that economic growth is usually the cause of wages being raised. While this sounds like a positive option, some businesses may choose to make decisions such as raising interests rates or reducing investments to keep wages controlled.

Ted Bauman finds that in order for businesses to thrive they must first empower their employs by slowly raising wages. This, in turn, will increase productivity which allows manufacturers to have more opportunities to create demand. For instance, adding more or new products to their inventory or improving the quality of current products. Ted Bauman ultimately understands that ignoring foreign trade may hurt the United States economy yet there are still ways American manufacturers can stay above the competition while still empowering their employees with better wages.

Comparing the Roots of OSI Group With Its Current Global Presence

The kind of revelations the United States was experiencing in the 20th century were numerous. Immigration was the main cause of the many revelations this country experienced. Business was getting back to its two feet since the end of the First World War had just come. Every other business was getting set to run as usual. Many Germans immigrated into the country, especially in Chicago. These immigrants helped the American society to advance in various areas. The society benefited a lot from the small daily business operations of these immigrants. Most people find it hilarious when they discover that OSI Group was an idea of one of these German-immigrants. The new inhabitants caused a growth spurt in Chicago’s population.

The German-immigrants had occupied a quarter portion of the city. Otto Kolschowski was one of the German-immigrants then. He started a food business in the city and gave it all he could afford. The business grew, and everyone else could smell and touch the passion he had for food services. His main idea was to supply fresh meat to the people in this city. The Oak Park-based small meat locker didn’t know he was laying a foundation for a global powerhouse called OSI Group that would be established later. The company has today come up with some standards of how the food products should be provided in the public market. OSI has its main offices in Aurora, Illinois, but the company has other offices in Iowa, California, and Utah. The company established its first facility in Utah in 1977.

Nonetheless, OSI Group continued to make its borders broader in the 1980s. Some of the food the company produces includes steak, chili, chicken wings, cooked sausages, beef patties, meatloaf, cheese, soups, tofu, and flatbread among others. Everyone gets amazed when they look at the enormous growth of OSI Group has achieved. It’s unbelievable that a company that an immigrant started several years ago could generate revenue of about $3 billion in 2011. When Forbes ranked the largest private companies in the United States, OSI was number136. The company enjoys a net worth of more than $6 billion today. Although the company is at its game’s pinnacle, its main focus is to maintain its grip for many years.