Electric Car Aftermarket Grows for Pseudo-Enthusiasts

Look out custom parts aftermarket, here come electric vehicles. While typical electric car owners aren’t necessarily car enthusiasts per say, they are certainly passionate about what they drive. The electric car aftermarket isn’t a big one at the moment; however, there are plenty of custom parts for almost every electric car on the market.

The main reason the parts aftermarket for electric vehicles opened up so much is the fact that electric vehicles are all over the media. Incumbent automakers are introducing their own take on electric cruising while media darling Elon Musk continues to grow his upstart Tesla Motors.

The old saying goes: if you build it they will come. A hospital seems to think this seems to be the case for electric vehicles. Owners have a variety of reasons for purchasing an electric vehicle from environmental activism to cutting edge hipsters following the trend.

The parts aftermarket for electric vehicles is very similar to its gas guzzling counterpart. Electric vehicles just have a very limited selection and don’t include a lot of high performance options at the moment. I’m sure at some point in the future high end electric racers will dominate the streets and drag strips.

Hyperloop Train Heading to California

Getting there might be half of the fun, but researchers have always been looking for a way of reducing the time spent traveling from one place to another. Speed is a factor in many modes of transportation, and there is little doubt that trains are one of the more popular public transportation systems in the world. Therefore, combining the two ideas into an ultra-speed project could produce some serious effects on the travel industry.

According to the Inquisitr, a hyperloop train capable of traveling 750 miles per hour is going to be built and testing in California. The technology behind the train is the brainchild of Elon Musk. The speed of the train will be approaching the 768mph speed of sound, which should raise a few eyebrows. This train is getting near the speed of your FreedomPop wireless connection. The technology will work on a complicated system of magnetism and vacuum technology, and it has a long way to go before it is commercially viable. However, the chance to change transportation around the world is simply too good to pass up.

While safety is going to be the primary concern in a system capable of traveling at close to the speed of sound, just getting the technology to work is going to be a major breakthrough. With so much riding on the development of fast transportation, companies are going to start throwing research dollars at new ideas just to give new things a try. A lot of eyes will be watching the progress in California.

Stalled in the Ocean

A cruise ship hit a channel bed near Bermuda, and the ship might not get back out in the water for a few days. The power to the ship was lost only a short time after it left port. Passengers were told what happened, but it still doesn’t explain why the ship lost power in the first place. Each cruise ship should be inspected before it sets sail on the water. Even if the inspection passes, there should be some kind of back up plan in the event of this kind of emergency. Boraie Development LLC knows that when you go on a cruise ship, you never really know what can happen as you are in the middle of a large body of water until you reach your destination. These passengers had to spend an extra night on the ocean before the boat was even able to attempt to get going again. The ship has to be inspected to see if there is any damage from hitting the channel before it’s allowed to leave the area, further putting a dent in the vacation of the passengers on board.

Flying WiFi Woes

Daniel Amen, here on linkedin, is well aware that flying can be a source of anxiety for many people. A long boring flight where it’s impossible to sleep probably wont make it onto someone’s bucket list. Up in the air it’s common for travelers to use devices to entertain themselves. The overriding complaint seems to always be the speed and quality of an airplane’s WiFi. This brings most major airlines to the difficult task of improving the quality.

Partnerships with different providers make the issue a tough one to manage. Currently, only 5% of planes have internet on board. To get a connection up in the sky, the airline has to utilize satellite technology or an air-to-ground system; otherwise known as Go-Go. American, United, and Delta all have signed Go-Go contracts with an expectation that they will renew in 2017.

Getting Internet onto an aircraft is expensive. Americans nowadays are used to free WiFi everywhere they go, so they find it infuriating when the Internet on their planes isn’t the greatest. Major airlines have taken note of the issue, and frequent flyers can finally begin to rejoice. Airline JetBlue partnered with Amazon to provide WiFi and free broadband streaming for Amazon Prime subscribers. JetBlue is paving the way to more accessible WiFi in the sky, and other airlines are expected to mimic their movements in the years to come.

Igor Cornelsen Lights the Pathway for Investor

What Igor Cornelsen has done for so many investors like myself in light the pathway to better investment strategies. All of his success with the banks in Brazil and his successful endeavors with Bainbridge Inv Inc have provided him with a wealth of knowledge. I am so glad that he has shared this knowledge that he has.

Many people may look at the stock market and assume that they cannot invest because they don’t know how. They may worry that they cannot do much without a financial planner. What Cornelsen has done is teach me that I don’t really need a planner to build my portfolio.

This man has all of the investment strategies that one will need for long term investing. He has given some unique ideas that may even sound a little strange at first glance, but these investments have paid off. I learned about damaged stocks and damaged companies and made a small fortune through Igor.

His ability to recognize the strategies that will work regardless of the situation you are in has allowed him to be a very valuable player in the investment world. There are countless blogs with his teachings. I even read a blog with some of his information about investing in foreign industries. I was thrilled about obtaining this knowledge because I had no history of the foreign industries. There was not real desire – in the beginning – to invest in these business because I was scared. It was through Igor Cornelsen that I learned that I could invest in some food industries and banking industries in Brazil that were doing well. He showed me about the signs that I should look for when I planned to invest in the foreign markets.

I have read articles where Igor has been referenced as a superior investor, and I will agree to this. As someone that was a Brazilian banker it is easy for him to relay his vast knowledge of Brazilian markets to others. His passion for the type of work that he does has made him one of the most valuable sources for investors.

People that want to retire should not get to wrapped up in finding a financial planner that has to be paid. Igor has already lighted the pathway. All that investors really need to do is follow his lead and take notice of the lessons he put out there.

Department of Agriculture Approves Label for Foods Free of GMO

The United States Department of Agriculture, (USDA), has announced that it has approved a labeling system for foods which are free of genetically modified ingredients. Such a label will advise a consumer that all of the ingredients in the food product are natural and not genetically altered. Many are praising the move by the USDA as a finally, taking a step towards requiring food manufacturers and producers to make the source of their food products transparent. Many have claimed that foods that have been genetically modified or which are grown or mixed with chemicals are dangerous for the consuming public. Dino.com feels that these critics against genetically modified foods are particularly dangerous to children and pregnant and nursing mothers.

The USDA plans to roll out the labeling system as soon as it can and it will be required for all products that receive approval or are inspected by the USDA. The move comes when a larger segment of the consuming public are demanding that the food that they buy is safe and free for bacteria and other non natural ingredients which have been found to cause various ailments and medical issues with the consuming public. The food lobbying sector has announced that it will not oppose the labeling systems and that it supports any move by the USDA to protect and maintain the confidence of the consuming public.Department of Agriculture Approves Label for Genetically Modified Free Foods

Dorchester Collection Background

Frequent travelers usually prefer to stay in luxurious surroundings with a professional staff that truly understands excellence in service and providing guests with a comfortable experience. The Dorchester Collection has certainly answered that call. They have made considerable impact on the hospitality industry. They are considered one of the top luxury hotels in the United States and Europe. Their reputation in the hospitality industry continues to grow worldwide as more people become familiar with their brand. Let’s take a closer look at the Dorchester Collection.

Dorchester Collection Background
Dorchester Collection was founded in 1996. Their hotel headquarters is located in London, England. Guest and those in the hospitality industry rate their 10 hotels as 5 star luxury hotels. Their hotel collection includes the Dorchester, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Plaza Athénée, Hotel Meurice, Principe di Savoia, Hotel Bel-Air, Coworth Park, 45 Park Lane, Le Richemond and Hotel Eden. They are owned by the Brunei Investment Agency. Guest at the hotel enjoy all the amenities of a luxury hotel. For example, top quality restaurants that serve deliciously prepared gourmet meals and luxury spas that provide a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy and relax in elegant surroundings.

Company Mission
The Dorchester Collection was first established several years ago. Their mission from the start was to provide a very luxurious and elegant experience for all their guests. They strive to provide their guest with a unique and personal experience that makes a long lasting impression. Their strong regard for providing excellence has led them to the forefront in the hospitality industry. Their unique strategy has locked in their position as one of the leading luxury hotels in the industry.

Certainly, each of the hotels in the Dorchester Collection have their own individual charm. However, they all have a few things in common. All their hotels are very elegant and high quality.

The Diet Debate

From FreedomPop Review‘s vantage point – the last thirty years has seen a huge rise in the amount of nutritional diets on the market. There seems to be a diet for every kind of consumer from every background of life. Slim Fast, Atkins, Paleo are some of the most popular diet fads out there. Many of these diets are extremely costly and usually have different stages and phases for people to follow. This led one researcher to question if there was any validity within these ‘get-thin-quick’ diets. If any of these diets actually worked, why wasn’t it a staple amongst the diet community instead of just a trendy fad? For over 20 years, Traci Mann a professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, has studied diets, dieters, and the thinking process behind it. At the university’s appropriately named Eating Lab, Mann studies people and their eating habits in a controlled environment. There are some case studies where she will actually go out and study people’s uninhibited eating habits. Mann stipulates that both studies are important when it comes to studying diets. After years of studies and experiments, Mann has concluded that diets in general are bound to fail. People cannot lose weight with a diet solely on will power. The studies show that biological, hormonal, and neurological changes make it increasingly hard for people to lose and keep off the weight. As soon as someone gets it in their mind that they’re going to diet, they’re at a disadvantage. Mann plans to continue her work to show people that dieting can do more harm than good. Forgetting the diets and focusing on converting to and sticking with a healthier lifestyle, is the only way to lose the weight and keep it off.

Plane Crashes on Atlanta Highway

At around 10:00am this morning a small airplane crashed unto Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Atlanta, Georgia. Spokesman Capt. Eric Jackson, from the fire department of DeKalb County, reported that all four occupants of the plane were killed in the crash.

The plane, a Piper PA-32, had barely taken off from the DeKalb Peachtree Airport before it crashed. Two vehicles on the road had a close call when the plane came down, but in the end no cars were hit by the aircraft according to Crystal Hunt.

The Dunwoody Police promptly closed down both directions of Interstate 285, posting the news twice on Twitter and stating that people needed to use alternate routes. A couple other people posted photos of the plumes of dark smoke which rose above the highway.

An investigation of the crash has begun, and officials hope to learn what caused the aircraft to come down.

A Helping Hand When Looking for an Apartment in New York

Moving can be a difficult process no matter where one is located. However, some real estate markets are more challenging than others. And of the rougher areas, New York might well be at the top of the list. Moving to New York is almost synonymous with making a new start in life. There’s a huge amount of demand, and a limited amount of space. It can be hard to find a place to live. And it can be even more difficult to find a place that’s affordable. There are some tips which will ensure that one can find a home within this difficult market.

The first thing to do is use a specialty listing service. There’s a lot of different options available to help people find real estate online. This is both good and bad. Choice is good, but too much choice can simply muddy the situation. One needs to search for the best of the best in NYC properties. At the moment TOWN Real Estate is probably the best option for an online search. There’s two big issues which push it above the other sites. The first is that they’re making use of the most cutting edge technology to keep everything up to date. The technology sector is always advancing at a rapid pace. And they’re one of the surprisingly small number of real estate services which is taking full advantage of modern technology to help customers. The other reason is that the people working there have been carefully selected for expertise in this difficult market. They don’t simply know real estate, they know the New York real estate market.

New York real estate is in such high demand that people often don’t even bother with putting their information out there. They assume buyers will come to them. As such, the best way to start out is by asking around. Yes, it’s going to be a little awkward to ask everyone you know if they might have some tips for finding an opening. But that works in your favor. The more hoops one has to jump through, the fewer people are going to do so. New York real estate is a numbers game, and the way to win is by lowering the amount of people you’re competing with. So get your name out there, and make it plain that you’re looking for a place to stay.

Finally, one should consider simply walking around various different areas. This might seem a bit crazy, but a lot of places don’t even bother putting up listings for their properties. There’s such a strong demand for property that people assume foot traffic is all they need. And while this is always the biggest gamble, sometimes simply walking around New York can lead one to a fantastic property.