A Selfie Stick Ban

Disney, one of the best themed amusement-parks in the world, has confirmed that they have banned the use of selfie sticks inside the park. The selfie stick was originally banned on rides, however with a couple events that have happened, they will now be banned from the park altogether.

The handheld extension poles are a safety issue when inside the park because they can hit anyone. The stick can cause issues for both the guests as well as the cast who work inside the theme park. Crystal Hunt implies that this new ban will come into effect in all the Disney parks including the ones in Hong Kong and Paris.

This ban will come into effect because of the fear the park has that the stick will harm someone who accidentally may walk in the way. This can also pose a threat to some of the parks’ main attractions such as the carriage rides. If a visitor brings their self stick along, they will be asked to leave the item in a locker at the entrance of the park.

Other public places such as football clubs, the National Gallery, as well as Wimbledon have all put this pan into play as well for fear of an injury being caused by this device. The reason behind the ban is so that there will not be any medical issue related to a device in the the public places. Safety must always come first.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: World Class Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a leader and innovator in his field. He is a plastic surgeon who has been the leader in discovery groundbreaking procedures, techniques, and technology that other plastic surgeons around the world now use. Dr. Rohrich’s extensive experience is benefiting all of those who are undergoing plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Rod Rohrich was born and raised on a ranch in North Dakota. After high school, he graduated summa cum laude from both North Dakota State and the University of North Dakota. After that he moved to Houston, Texas where he studied medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine. His time at Baylor shaped him to be the dedicated surgeon that he is today. After receiving his medical degree, Dr. Rohrich went on to do his residency at the University of Michigan where he learned under the skillful hands of the best surgeons in the country. He did further training at both Oxford and Harvard Universities before accepting a position in academia in 1986. Dr. Rohrich moved back to Texas in order to serve as an assistant professor for the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. He worked in the Division of Plastic Surgery helping to educate students with his skill and knowledge. He spent the following two decades serving on the chair for the University of Texas Southwestern.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is not only a world-renown plastic surgeon, he is also an educator. He is frequently seen in the media sharing his knowledge of new procedures and techniques that he has helped to develop. He has been featured in publications such as “Newsweek”, “Allure”, “U.S. News & World Report”, “Wall Street Journal”, and “D Magazine”. He has also been on television shows such as “Oprah”, “the Today Show”, “The View”, and the “the Dallas Morning News”. His work has been published in over 700 peer reviewed articles as well as five textbooks, all about his work in plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich is also serves as the editor-in-chief for “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”, a journal dedicated to the art of plastic surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is also a philanthropist. He has worked with charities such as the March of Dimes, the Dallas chapter of the American Cancer Society, and Save the Children/Dallas. He has also donated his skills while working as a plastic surgeon in the third world to help patients who could not afford surgery.

Boeing Announce new CEO

Boeing made a major annoucement regarding a shakeup of their executive team with their current Chief Operating Officer, Dennis Muilenburg, stepping into the Chief Executive Officer role that will be vacated by James McNerney, who is retiring after running the company for the past ten years.

During Mcnerney’s tenure, there was a major decrease in defense spending, an economic recession, and the introduction of the Dreamliner 787.

Muilenburg, who is 51 years old, will assume the CEO job beginning on July 1st, while Mcnerney will continue as the Chairman of the Board, per a statement released by Boeing. Boeing indicated that they were aware of this move for some time and have been grooming Dennis for the additional responsibilities. Mcnerney will be around as needed and provide him with the help he needs in the transition which began almost eighteen months ago when he assumed the COO role at the company. Before this, he ran Boeing Defense Systems which is one of the smaller main units of the company and which is a $60 billion business.

Dennis is thought to be facing many challenging decisions including the eventual replacement of the 777 with the 777x. The 777 is one of the most profitable models for Boeing. The timing and introduction of the new model will be a critical decision for the business.

Folks at Skout say the change is thought to be a positive one for the company and Dennis is well thought of by analysts and company officials.

History of Dating Sites Leading to AnastasiaDate

Before the Internet, dating involved going out and meeting people. Only the more extroverted studs had the best chances at getting with someone. Then eventually, the first dating site launched. This has opened up a new avenue for the more introverted types as well as anyone who is looking for a date or a relationship in general. These dating sites weren’t without their limitations. For one thing, one was stuck with their own country in most cases. There was also the chance of catching a fake profile. Then Anastasia Date came into the scene.

Anastasia Date changes the game in a wide variety of ways. For one thing it opens up the pool beyond the country. Men can now go for candidates from areas such as Russia and the Ukraine. Another thing is that it is free to register for Anastasia Date. There is no need to pay in order to view some candidates. All that is needed is for the user to complete their profile and upload the most flattering picture. This does not mean that they upload an old picture. Their picture has to be a good representation of how they look currently. When someone views their profile, then they will be notified.

There are almost 10,000 profiles of ladies that can be viewed through Anastasia Date. Once a man finds something that interests them, then they can write to the woman that they are interested in. Among other things that are offered are tours for people who actually do manage to get with someone. Where most dating services are just directories for people to place their profiles, Anastasia Date offers plenty of services to not only help someone get a date, but to also go on the best date possible. They will help the couple find some good spots to bring out the best and most romantic moods.

Houston Based Real Estate Professional Haidar Barbouti

The Texan city of Houston has long attracted those who love the freedome to open a business and the chance to be part of a thriving community. Texans welcome people to their state who love to be engaged in business and want to help the region at the same time. This part of the United States has also been a magnet for people who are passionate about serving the needs of clients and love a region where mild winters make the outdoors a pleasant place to be for much of the year. Opening up a business here or reworking an existing business has long been part of the Texan dream.

One of those who have heartily embraced such dreams is Houston based businessman Haidar Barbouti. Mr. Barbouti is a graduate of New York City’s Columbia University. He has spent years working in the field of real estate management in the Houston region. In this time, he has learned how best to help clients and shopper meet in commercial spaces. He has also learned how to work with community planners, workers seeking a retail job, businessowners looking for retail space and those who are in search of many opportunities of all kinds to fully connect effective.

Mr. Barbouti’s primary focus has been on the redevelopment and management of the Highland Village Shopping Center. The center is one of the nation’s oldest shopping center, dating from the 1940’s. Since that time, the center has grown and expanded into a highly effective retail destination that many people living in the entire area find ideal for any purchsing needs they may have. Mr. Barbouti has helped this fifteen acre site work to better serve the needs of all those who live in the surrounding area as well as casual visitors looking to escape the Texas heat and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

Under the careful leadership of Barbouti, the shopping center has been able to attract customers who appreciate the stores he has brought here. Many have flourished in this retail space with his careful assistance and outreach efforts as well as his ability to figure out how best to draw in new customers. For over two decades, Barbouti has been working hard to help the stores make the most of their customers and bring in the best possible rate of return on their investment in space in the Highland Village Shopping Center.

Japanese Burger King to Sell Red Burgers

After releasing black burgers last year, Burger King Japan is releasing Red Burgers this summer. The “Aka Burger” which means red burger is available as a Aka Samurai Beef Burger, and Aka Samurai Chicken Burgers. The bun, cheese, and sauce are all red, and filled with tomatoes and chili and red miso sauce. Burger King has dubbed the sauce “Angry Sauce”. Other than the angry theme there does not seem to be any real and reason behind the burger.
Chili and red miso are both common ingredients in Japan, so making an angry burger may have just been the chain’s attempt at Westernizing a foreign Western food and making it more appealing to the general public. Boraie Development LLC told us that the black “”Kuro Burger” is made with ingredients such as squid ink, bamboo charcoal, and black pepper. Both squid ink and black charcoal are much more common in Eastern cooking than they are in Western cooking.

It’s difficult to tell what inspired the publicity stunt, which is possibly only unusual from a Western perspective. The menu already offers several items and ingredients that are not offered as part of the traditional Burger King menu, such as burgers topped with avocado and teriyaki sauce, and an acai bowl, as well as spam and egg and fish and cheese breakfast sandwiches. The special burgers, while somewhat unique and strange may simply be more of the same and the attention may have more to due with American’s fascination with Japanese culture than anything else.

For the First Time Ever Scientists Discover Fossilized Dinosaur Blood

Remember the movie Jurassic Park? Scientists find a mosquito with dinosaur blood in it magically preserved in a piece of amber. A group of British paleontologists just found something almost as amazing. They found the first ever fossilized dinosaur blood in a theropod claw.

The team studying the fossils were at first skeptical about the find. They used electron microscopes to study the fossils extremely close-up. What they found was fossilized collagen and even some red blood cells. They then used a mass spectrometer to examine the fossilized blood further and found that it contained some of the original proteins and amino acids that are thought to decay after 4 million years.

The fossils with the blood were thought to be about 75 million years old. This means that amino acids and proteins can survive about 70 million years longer than first thought. With such an extended shelf life it’s possible that they could have remained stable for even longer if the fossils had not been disturbed. That’s what Gianfrancesco Genoso would say.

So is this a real life Jurassic Park? Unfortunately it isn’t. The fossilized remains did not contain any of the genetic materials that could be used to extract DNA. The only Jurassic Park you’ll be seeing any time soon will be at the theater or on DVD.

‘Spy’ Is the Best Film Noone Is Watching

For the majority of her career Melissa McCarthy has been something of a box office wonder and a critical enigma. Her work in Paul Feig’s film ‘Bridesmaids’ made her famous as she perfectly embodied the physical humor of her character. Then she followed that work up with the under appreciated buddy-cop flick ‘The Heat’. Yet outside of those two works she has mostly been earning a reputation as the ‘Female Kevin James’ — and that’s not a good thing. So when we saw the movie ‘Spy’ on the horizon which starred so many big names (Jude Law, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale) we couldn’t have been more excited, and for good reason.

It turns out that McCarthy was at her best in the raunchy espionage comedy, ‘Spy’. She plays against type, mostly, as the ultra competent and under appreciated spy in the film. In so many of her movies McCarthy seems content simply to play off of her physical humor, allowing the audience to revel in her size. So it was nice to see that this was not the primary source of humor in ‘Spy’.

Another Paul Feig vehicle, ‘Spy’ perfectly railed against so many of the common tropes in these sorts of films. Jude Law is an arrogant American hero with flat one liners and some serious misogynistic issues. Mikal Watts certainly knows a few people who feel like that. Jason Statham is loud, crass, and sort of bumbling as his pride tries to steer the film. But McCarthy is at the center of it all and she glows in the spot.

San Fransisco Says NO to Soda

Following in the shoes of New York, which is trying to add warnings to foods that are high in salt, San Francisco plans to ban soda ads and require warning labels on all drinks that are sweetened with sugar. Soda ads will be prohibited on public property as well. The ban even expands to disallow any city funds to be spent on sodas, according to a recent article.

Let me just say that I feel like everyday, the United States is moving closer to a socialist nation and further away from the democratic one that was founded hundreds of years ago. It seems that the government feels that the average American cannot think for himself or herself. We all have brains and can make decisions on our own, and it is very frustrating that the government cannot recognize that fact. Our country was founded with freedom in mind Sam Tabar recalls; our amendments give us freedom of speech, rights to bear arms and worship as we wish. One could assume that since we can speak and move about the country freely, we could probably manage to decide how to feed and hydrate ourselves, but it appears that the government does not agree.

Bulletproof Coffee Usage Guide

Bulletproof Coffee is a coffee blend that is made with medium-chain triglyceride oil and quality butter. Dave Asprey developed the recipe because he wanted to sell a beverage that offered weight loss benefits. According to experts, the blend is a success since it gives consumers an additional energy boost, which enhances mental sharpness. Overall, Bulletproof Coffee is worth buying; however, many people don’t achieve the best results because they make one simple mistake.

Mistake – Force-Feeding

Bulletproof coffee drinkers should always eat quality foods. By eating healthy foods, the ingredients in Bulletproof Coffee make various energy adjustments automatically. The problem is that most Bulletproof Coffee drinkers eat too many foods that are made with unhealthy ingredients. However, there are easy ways to solve this problem.

If consumers drink Bulletproof Coffee with a lot of healthy green veggies, excessive weight issues will less likely occur. Also, snacks should only be consumed when hungry strikes. Finally, when eating a meal at home or at a restaurant, always drop the fork the moment the stomach feels full.

Bonus Advice – How to Brew a Cup of Bulletproof Coffee

Although Bulletproof Coffee offers tons of health benefits, it can be brewed like traditional coffee. However, a few additional procedures must be implemented to enhance the flavors of the beverage.

Prep the blender. When the coffee is brewing , boil more water and pour it in a blender. This technique will pre-heat the blender.

Blend the froth. After the blender is properly heated, remove the hot water. Then, dump the brewed coffee into the blender with MCT oil and butter. Finally, blend everything until the foam has a thick layer.

Optional flavor enhancers. Dark chocolate, vanilla, or cinnamon will give the coffee an additional flavor note. A sweetener can also be used, such as xylitol.

Billboard.com suggests that this is the breakfast of choice for many celebrities in Hollywood. Dave Asprey, the founder, recently opened up a number of coffee shops throughout SoCal serving up his hot-buttered Bulletproof Coffee.