George Soros, who had apparently taken a break from wall street, is back to trading. He has taken a bearish move by selling stocks and in turn buying gold and stocks in gold miners. He has taken the measures due to his predictions that the European Union might collapse arising from the refugee crisis. He also points out that the activities in Britain which plan on a referendum to exit European Union might lead to a decrease of prices in the stock market. George Soros also indicates that there is a lot of capital flight from China which further enhances his prospect of making high profits from his bearish tendency of selling shares now.

Being a trading legend, George Soros has obviously raised eyebrows with people starting to look at the prospect of stock prices plunging at this time. The trading magnate is concerned about large market shifts that will occur globally. His sentiments are being aired by other stock market geniuses. This has led to the question of whether a crisis like the one experienced in the late 2000’s is about to occur once more. With the world not having recovered quite fully from the shock causes by the inflation in the recent past there is a need to take control measures to prevent a fall in the stock market.

Soros since founding Hedge Fund which evolved over time to the well famed Quantum Fund has shown nothing but brilliance in his interpretation of the market fund. He has beaten the market trend on more than one occasion by making predictions that have proved to be very fruitful.

In 2008 in his book,”The New Paradigm for Financial Markets.”. He made a prediction about the financial crisis that occurred that year which he termed as being the worst since the crisis in 1930. This was another of his predictions that showed him as a brilliant trader and investor who was well aware of his trading environment.

George Soros is famed for making great returns on investment with going short on the British Pound in 1992 being his highlight.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

In 1992 he risked a good $10 billion to speculate against the pound and in turn made $1 billion in profit on a one day. It is said that his speculation during that period gave him up to $2 billion profits. He believes that market participants work together and move in herds. This simply explains the reason why he foresees a great negative wave of change in the stock market due to the uncertainty that Britain in the case of exit will lead to stockholders selling their stocks in bulk. In case that happens the decrease in demand for the shares will lead to a fall in prices. George Soros has therefore chosen to buy gold which is considered less volatile in order to avoid great losses.

For a long time, Soros has been away from major investment decision in his companies, but he has recently become much more active. He has increased his interaction with many executives and has been seen as increasingly vigilant to avoid becoming a victim in the expected surge of the stock market. Soros has made billions for himself and others in his overly successful Quantum Fund. The firm under his stewardship made an average of 30% profit per year for 20 years with some years recording 100% profit. He is most certainly an icon, and his predictions are bound to influence a good number of people. The spotlight is shining on him this time round to see if he will continue to make great predictions as he did before.

He makes clear his observation that people trade using emotions instead of the logical interpretation of the situation. Thus in the situation where the Euro crisis has not completely ebbed off and continuing problems in the region he indicates in his book, ” The Tragedy of the European Union.” Soros show that there is a decrease in trust within the region and this following the emotions of people is bound to affect the stock market as well as the capital market.

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Wengie’s Asian Facial Massage Secrets

Wengie is a popular beauty blogger that is based in Australia. Wengie is also a very popular Youtuber. Her channel receives millions of views yearly. Her popularity is off the charts because her down to earth videos are charming and well produced. Wengie shares secrets and tips on subjects that range from beauty, skincare, to facial massages too. In this video, Wengie shares a few secrets about Asian Facial Massages. You’ve probably noticed that Wengie has great looking skin. Well, the fact is that Asian women have been using facial massage to improve the circulation, tone, and texture of their skin for years. In this video, Wengie shows how to give a great facial massage for glowing skin.

Wengie’s Asian Facial Massage
Wengie shares that facial massages are an obsession with Asian women. Most Asian women are obsessed with creating the popular V line face shape. In addition, the massage is thought to remove bloating and firm the cheeks. The massage also tones and tightens the skin on the face to keep the skin glowing and looking very youthful. Check out the easy to follow video that gives instruction on performing the treatment. Wengie advises viewers to avoid using those plastic spoons. They might damage the skin and are not very effective. She advises viewers to use rounded ceramic spoons or Chinese spoons. Also, use your favorite massage oil to lubricate the skin. This is a great tutorial on facial massage that just about anyone could do at home. It is very similar to a wonderful professional massage that you might receive at a spa.


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George Soros’s Passion for a new Ukraine

George Soros is a well-known public figure who is passionate about Ukraine. He is the chairman of Soros Fund Management as well as the chairman of the Open Society Foundation. He is the renowned author of many books including the Alchemy of Finance, the new paradigm for financial markets among others. George Soros writes for major news publications like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, which are a platform for him to passionately advocate for financial assistance to Ukraine.

In his article in the New York Times, titled save the new Ukraine, George Soros states that the new Ukraine sought to become the opposite of the old Ukraine which was demoralized and riddled with corruption. He was of the opinion that the new Ukraine faced a challenge from the old Ukraine as the new Ukraine was still a secret from the world and the Ukrainian Republic as well. The reason was that radical reforms had been hatched but not yet implemented. However, the gradual transformation has been a rare experiment in participatory democracy. He defends the experiment as being remarkable for finding expression in defending Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

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Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

According to his article in the New York review of books titled “Ukraine and Europe: what should be done”, Soros states that Europe was facing five crises at the same time. Four were internal ones- the Euro, Greece, Migration and the British referendum on whether to remain in the European Union and one external one- Russian aggression against Ukraine. He felt that as much as Europe could not solve these crises at the same time, it ought to give the Ukraine crisis the top priority. His reasoning was that there is a new Ukraine, which was determined to be the opposite of the old Ukraine. He argued that the new Ukraine was inspired by the spirit of the Maidan revolution in February 2014 and sought to reform the country radically. He felt that by treating Ukraine like a second class, Greece would be a fatal mistake as the new Ukraine was a valuable asset that Europe had.

On February 5th, 2015, Soros wrote an article in the New York review of books titled, “a new policy to rescue Ukraine.” In this article, he passionately argues that Europe should have a change of heart and help the new Ukraine. He felt a need for the European Union to reorient the then policies towards Russia and Ukraine. He argued that if the European Union would help Ukraine by enabling it to defend itself, then Europe would be indirectly defending itself as well. Soros was of the opinion that if Ukraine were to get financial assistance, this would stabilize its economy and indirectly provide stimulus to the European economy by encouraging exports and investment in Ukraine.

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Handling Bad Feedback

When you’re a business owner, it means a lot of thing. Long hours, hard work, constant brainstorming and most importantly, keeping a constant and loyal customer base. With social media being so popular in this generation, it can be hard to manage an online reputation. However, so many people rely on the experiences and reviews of others so making sure your business is being portrayed in a positive light on the Internet is crucial to having a successful business.


In an article online, it discusses some ways to handle damaging feedback. Things tend to spread like wildfire once they hit social media, so at times you can find yourself in a bind even if it’s just one angry client making the comment. The best thing you can do is stay quiet and not get into an online tiff. The argument will make you look unprofessional. If you act like nothing is going on and stay open for business, it will let your customers know you are there to still provide products and services. You could even offer a promotion to keep the customers coming back and interested in your company. Keep your friends and family close for mental support as this time may prove to be on of your biggest challenges. Try to remember the reasons you started your business in the first place- it will help guide you through until the viral comment is old news.


If the issues prove to be damaging for an extended period of time or you don’t wish to deal with as press, you can always contact This website will clean up all bad news and comments associated with your business. This is a great alternative because it allows you to look to the future of the business and forget about the issues that were stopping you from growing.
Keeping your online reputation positive can prove to be challenging, but If you’re ever in a situation that you feel will spoil your solid reputation, can assist you. When people search your company, then they will only find positive comments, thus increasing your chances of growing your customer base.

The Secret to the wildly successful Dick DeVos

For a man of Dick DeVos structure, nothing could have prepared him for this race. It was a race that came down to the wire and in which their grit was well tested. The competition hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club. It was just another day for the billionaire sailor Dick DeVos. He is a man who has made a name in the business world but who he says he got his art of the deal from sailing.


Nothing could have ever stopped Melges 32 sailor’s victory other than the psychotic wind field that came on Friday 13, 2016. Nothing prepared Melges 32 sailors for competition on the second day of 2016 Gold Cup competition, which was hosted by Lauderdale Yacht Club. The lacing was spectacular with an addition of three races in the scoreboard. The addition of the three races brought a big examination.


It was led to a single point by Dick DeVos with reigning Champion Alessandro Rombelli on STIG in second. Track five altercations with third overall Ben Schwartz on Pisces, Richard from Sweden receives 14/DSQ discarding his lead. Consequently, Dick DeVos completed in the top five positions. There was high infiltration of youth according to Lauderdale yacht club sailing foundation (LYCSF). LYCSF has made it possible to every Melges junior sailor to share the experience so as to improve sailing and learning of sailors to improve the competitive nature of these juniors over the world. The race three descriptions have been described fully giving a clear picture of the environment.


Dick DeVos is a graduate of Forest school and Northwood University. Here he studied for a degree in Finance where he was the best in his class. He then moved to Harvard University where he attended their business school. Dick says his experience at Harvard significantly affected his decisions later in life. He is famed for playing hard and working even harder.


Dick Devos is also a renowned philanthropist. He has made his name in the charity world by gaining out close to $ 100 million last years. Dick Devos and his wife today run the Besty and Devos Foundation. It has helped many schools going children get a good education.


Dick Devos credits his networking skills for making Amyway what it is. He advises all to work hard as nothing comes free.

Brian Bonar, the Financial Expert

There is a lot of things going on especially in the field of finance. Many finance professionals are being talked about, and one of them is Brian Bonar. Brian Bonar has gained a lot of popularity because of the success he has had as a finance executive. He is currently the leader of Trucept ––inc./salary/470203#.Vye_cEURW4E.

One of his biggest achievement in his career is his involvement as the head of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Those who have worked closely with Brian say that they can attribute his success because of his technical background. In his career as a finance professional, he applied his technical skills to design and build structures that work.

Brian Bonar attended James Watt Technical College and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. He advanced his education by going to Stafford University from where he earned his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (The New Frontier). His career spans working for several organizations. At IBM, he held the position of a procurement officer and later the position of Director of Engineering for QMS and was responsible for managing over 100 employees.

He has also worked for Adaptec where he held the position of a Sales Manager. The experience he had at these two companies enabled him to start his company called Bezier Systems. Besides these two companies, he also worked for other companies but the one that stands out from all of them is Dalrada Financial Corporation. He achieved great success with Dalrada Financial Services and is remembered as a wonderful colleague.

In 2011 when he was the CEO and chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, he was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in the Finance. This was a great honor as only two male and two females are named for each discipline. This is a great honor as the selection is done by a committee that chooses honorees based on their professional achievements, academic achievement, and leadership abilities.

Brian Bonar has about 30 years of experience as a finance professional as he has been in the finance sector for many years. This is what uniquely positioned him to oversee the operations of Dalrada Financial Corporation. For the period he was at Dalrada Financial Corporation, he served as the CEO and chairman for about ten years.

For that period when he was chairman and CEO, he was responsible for a broad range of employee and employer benefits as well as aftermarket products. The company also acts as a Marketing Liaison and supplies its client with several employee programs that help enhance business efficiency and include employee benefits, risk management insurance, financial management and business management services.

He has also served as Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services and president of Allegiance Professional Business Service Inc.
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George Soros Takes The Spotlight With Presidential Campaign Contributions

Hungarian multi billionaire George Soros has been getting a great deal of media attention as of late due to his recent comments at a economic summit in Sri Lanka regarding the Chinese financial crisis. Mr. George Soros has publicly stated, at the previously mentioned economic summit, as well as elsewhere, that the economic desperation facing the global market from the Chinese stock market crash amounts to a crisis and one which, in his opinion, will likely be far, far worse than even the housing market collapse of 2007 and 2008.

But now he’s drawing even more attention and controversy with a new and particularly partisan gesture of support. The erudite hedge fund manager and investor recently donated a combined and impressive eight million dollars to various Hillary Clinton backing super PACs (political action committees). His first donation, amounting to one million US dollars, was made out to the Clinton backing super PAC, Priorities USA and later to the super PAC called American Bridge 21st Century to the tune of another solitary million. George Soros’ most recent contribution, and the one which has created the most media buzz, is also the largest and thus, the most impacting, totaling to six million even and being made out, once again, to Hillary Clinton’s Priorities USA super PAC.

The reason this gesture has been catching everyone’s attention is twofold, number one, George Soros’ massive generous contributions have brought the Clinton campaign’s financial total up to a staggering $ 41 million US dollars – and that’s only counting what they have received from super PACs like Priorities USA and American Bridge 21st Century. The second reason for all the buzz is that this is George Soros’ first major return to political contributions since 2012 – and with a checkbook that large it is easy to see why so many in the world of politics are interested. Whether or not this is the last campaign contribution Mr. Soros intends on making to the Clinton campaign remains a mystery, but what is certain is that Hillary Clinton’s chances are now looking much, much better.

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A Thought to Change the World

Have you ever watched a superhero movie and wondered how much good you could do if you had super powers? What if I told you that you do have a super power? One you use every day without an afterthought. Well, like you, I’d find that very hard to believe. But believe it or not, it’s actually true. Your thoughts can now make a difference. And not just any thoughts (and I am not talking about the power of telepathy here), but rather positive ones. I’d like to tell you about this new exciting initiative dubbed the RYTHM Foundation initiative. The aim of the campaign is to donate HomePure RED, which is a 7-stage water filtration system, to Taarana School in Malaysia which caters for kids with special learning needs and Rashid Center for the disabled in UAE.

The campaign is sponsored by Qnet, a company belonging to the QI Group and located in Hong Kong. Qnet specializes in a variety of consumer products such as nutrition, weight management solutions, fashion accessories to mention a few. The company was founded in 1998 by Joseph Bismarkwith and Vijay Eswaran with operations carried out in various countries all over the world. Over the years, Qnet has been engaged in various sponsorship and humanitarian activities.

The RYTHM Foundation Initiative pegged the Positive Thoughts Project seeks to obtain at least 1,000 positive comments with each person allowed a maximum of 3 comments. The aim is to collect 500 positive comments within two weeks time upon which Qnet will donate HomePure

Charles Koch Compares Hillary Clinton To GOP Contenders

Billionaire and conservative political fundraiser shocked audiences on NBC News recently by stating he thought that in “some ways” Bill Clinton was a better president than George W. Bush. When asked if he thought Hillary Clinton might therefore be a better president than other Republican candidates, Koch responded, “It’s possible.”

Koch has been a longtime activist for and supporter of conservative causes. However, that reflects a basically libertarian core thinking. Therefore, he is for private enterprise and against big government. But it also places him at odds with more traditional social conservatives. He has criticized candidate Donald Trump’s proposal to refuse immigration to Muslims. He criticizes corporate welfare, and has worked with President Obama to reform the criminal justice system.

For a number of years, the Koch Brothers have hosted meetings of conservative Republican political donors. Through this network, they had reportedly raised nearly $900 million with which to support the Republican candidate for president in the fall election. For Charles to even respond, “It’s possible” to the idea of preferring Hillary Clinton as president to Donald Trump, demonstrates how unusual and unpredictable this election has been so far.

Later, Koch said he would not spend money to try to stop Trump. And Hillary’s actions as president would have to be better from her campaign rhetoric.

So far, he has gotten involved only in some Senate races, opposing Democratic candidates. Despite all the money he raised, he and his network may sit out the 2016 presidential race.

Charles Koch, with his brother David, own and run the second largest private company in the United States, Koch Industries. They are both highly actively politically supporting conservative causes, including the Libertarian Party, the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute. However, Charles has recently expressed opinions that surprise some of his political opponents. He wrote an op-ed piece agreeing with Senator Bernard Sanders that social and economic inequality was at dangerous levels in the United States. He did say he believed, unlike Sanders, the solution lay in private enterprise, not increasing the powers of government.

Koch has donated to the Youth Entrepreneurs Kansas to teach business skills to at risk youth in that state. Koch Industries donated $6 million to Wichita State University to renovate its basketball arena. It was renamed the Charles Koch Arena, and Charles continues to support the school’s athletic program. The William E. Simon Foundation in 2011 gave Koch its William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership.

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Highlands Capital Management Gets New President of Institutional Products

Jones is the new president of institutional products in the highlands Capital Management following the appointment made by the CEO Jim, the Co-founder and the president of Highland capital management. Terry Jones is expected to bring a change in solving performance and aid customers in these increasingly complex markets. Jones has great experience of more than 25 years in the finance industry and currently working as lead Head of the Highland funds. He also served as the board member of Genworth Life Insurance Company. Terry Jones is a graduate with BA in Economics from college and holds MBA in Beta Gamma Sigma from Columbia Business School.

Highland Capital Management is an SEC-registered investment company founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada and has affiliates that have invested more than $20 billion assets under management. Highland Capital management has an umbrella of credit facilities such as hedge fund management, long only funds and holds separate accounts. It also has a department that is collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), concerned control private equity to their clients. The company also offers consultative investments on the upcoming markets

Dondero is the founder and co-owner of Highland Capital Management, L.P. He is over 30 years of experience in credit markets. His portfolio management experience involves mortgage-backed securities, giving direction to clients on leveraged bank loans, involved in the management of investment grade corporates, and professional in emerging market debt and derivatives.

Before founding Highland in the year 1993, James worked for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the chief investment officer that saw the business develop enormously from inception to over $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. James Completed the financial training program at JP Morgan and later joined American Express in the year 1985 to 1989. In this role, he was involved in various areas of credit management especially pension plans. He managed close to $1 billion in fixed income funds for this company.

James has the advantage of using Financial Analyst designation as he is a Certified and Charted Managerial accountant who is endowed to use the privileges of the charter. Besides being the founder of Highlands, James currently serves as the Chairman of cornerstone Healthcare Group. He also attends the Board of Directors of American Banknote Corporation and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, apart from being the chairman of CCS Medical and NexBank. Mr. James Holds a BS in Commerce Specialized in Financial Accounting from the University of Virginia.

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