Dr. Rod Rohrich M.D. Known Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Dallas Texas

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a revered figure among his peers. The Doctor‘s one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Dallas Texas. The Dr. works for the University of Texas Southwestern Hospital in Dallas Texas.

Dr. Rohrich appeared on television shows like the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, and The View. He’s known as one of the best skilled cosmetic surgeons in the world today! The doctor teaches classes that focus on teaching his procedures, and techniques at various universities, hospitals, and medical clinics.

Dr. Rod Rohrichs written articles and books for the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. His specialty in cosmetic surgery is Secondary Rhinoplasty and correction of the facial area.

Some surgeries and procedures the doctor does are:

Genioplasty- is a surgical technique that alters the chin. It reduces the patient’s jawbone if the chin is too large for the face. Or the patients have implants inserted in the jaw area for a jaw that is too small. Changes to the chin are so the chin looks appropriate to the overall face. Proportions critical during this surgery the face must improve the patients look.

Abdominoplasty- reduces the abdomen, removes extra skin and fat deposits. The surgery is to the tummy area. It gives the abdomen a younger firmer appearance.

Liposuction- a saline-based solution injected into a deposit of fat. Once the fat dissolves into a liquids state. The liquefied fat removals are done via a low-powered suction device.

A Body Lift- is necessary when there is a drastic weight loss. The skin stretches during weight gain. Then once the weights lost the skin changes and sags. The areas where the skins stretched is facial, under the arms, breasts, abdomen, coccyx and leg areas. These areas need the extra skin removed, so the body looks appropriate.

Otoplasty- realigns ears, resizes ears, adjusts sagging ear lobes or fixes issues of the ears. Some medical problems like damaged ears due to accidents or trauma to the ears. Deformation of the ears or reattachment of the ear if an accident removed the ear its repaired by this procedure. Otoplasty is a necessary surgery sometimes.

Talos Energy Strikes Historic Deal With Pemex

Talos Energy has one of the most significant imprints in the Gulf of Mexico when it comes to oil and gas companies. Their staff has decades of experience and dedication to searching for and exploiting natural resources. Recently, they have made some impressive moves to create an even more significant impact. During negotiations with the U.K oil and gas company, Premier Oil and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas, Talos was able to make a deal with Pemex to drill and produce oil in Mexican shallow water blocks.

Pemex agreed to a 2-year preliminary contract that is up for review at any time by the President-elect, Obrador. Talos is confident that they can produce a lucrative amount of oil from the A-7 shallow water location, as their Zama-1 well confirmed a deposit that is likely to produce 1.2 billion to 1.8 billion barrels of oil. With quantities that significant, there is no question why Pemex would allow them to drill for natural resources in Mexican waters.

Moving into Mexican territory is not the only strategy that has seen great success with Talos Energy. Recently they placed bids on all 14 blocks of acreage available for sale in the Gulf of Mexico during the federal lease sale. Miraculously, Texas-based Talos Energy was able to sweep up all 14 blocks for $5.3 million. This property equates to 75,000 net acres of the Gulf of Mexico, including six deep water and eight shallow water sites in which they can drill for oil.

Talos Energy also has recently merged with bankrupt oil and gas explorative company, Stone Energy. Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan of Talos Energy worked diligently through the perilous events of Hurricane Harvey. The storm ripped through and waterlogged his Houston town of Kingswood during the $2.5 million negotiations. The negotiations were a success, and in May 2018 the two companies became one and are now producing roughly 16,000 barrels of oil day; They aim to do far more than this in the future. With a dedicated leader like Tim Duncan at the helm, its no wonder Talos Energy is such a success with seeking out and exploiting natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico.

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GoBuySide Helping Companies Find The Top Employees For The Open Positions

It is important that companies hire the right talent for the open position to ensure that the performance of the company doesn’t take a hit. There are tons of companies out there that have a lot of potential in terms of products and overall approach, but due to the improper recruitment, many organizations are unable to perform optimally. GoBuySide is the talent recruiting firm that specializes mostly in the finance sector. The fact that differentiates GoBuySide from the other firms is that it uses technology to its advantage. The conventional hiring methods are unable to filter the talent the right way, and thus, many investment companies are unable to find the skilled persons for their vacant position.

However, the technological approach adopted by GoBuySide has proven to be highly useful for the companies. Talent recruitment is a very complex process, but GoBuySide simplifies it. The field of investment management has been growing at a rapid pace, and the companies have to ensure they have the best employees who can assist their clients in their investment needs. One of the ways that GoBuySide is helping its clients is by letting them fill an open position as soon as it becomes available without having to wait. The company attracts the best talents in industry to ensure that their clients do not have to spend any time in filling a position.

GoBuySide not only provides candidates for permanent positions but also for temporary ones as per the needs of their clients. Their clients trust them to select the right person for the job as they have a thorough screening process and background checking process so that all their clients have to do is select the one that is best for the job instead of wasting time. GoBuySide is setting high standards in the skill recruitment industry for others to follow.

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The Philanthropic Eric Lefkofsky- Founder Of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is a prominent American businessman who started from very humble beginnings. After finishing his law degree in 1993, he and his friend come together and borrowed some money from their relatives and started a clothing company known as Madison, based in Wisconsin. Eric graduated went to the University of Michigan. He also was awarded a Juris Doctor award by the University of Michigan Law School.

He would later come together with his friend Keywell and created Starbelly- an internet company that was doing promotional products. During the dot-com bubble in the year 2000, the firm grew exponentially and was later sold to the Halo Industries in January 2000.

Lefkofsky in 2001 worked towards founding InnerWorkings, a company that provided printing services in Wisconsin. The company was offered to the public in August 2006. Lefkofsky worked as a director in the company till 2012.

When Innerworkings picked, Lefkofsky and his business partner Keywell founded a logistics company called Echo Global logistics. The company was financed by New Enterprise Associates and released to the public for sale in June 2006.

Presently, Eric Lefkofsky is the managing director of Tempus. He is also a co-founder of the Lightbank a fund that is interested in financing disruptive technology business. Eric Lefkofsky is also the chairman and Co-Founder of Groupon, an e-commerce company. There are also lots of humanitarian activities that Eric has been taking part in. this includes the co-chairing the Lefkofsky family foundation that has been working towards changing the lives of citizens in Chicago. He serves in the board of trustees for the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

Eric is currently worth about $2.2 billion. With such a fortune, you certainly have a reputation to protect. He has not left this to chance. This is the same reason why Eric is never involved in anything against the law. He is also keen on working towards disruptive technology and hopes that he will be able to see a better world and better living standards. He works hard to leave behind a legacy of a good man that once lived.

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Gareth Henry Is Named A Rising Star And Deemed A Future Leader

An investor at the Fortress Investment Group LLC by the name of Gareth Henry was named a “Rising Star.” Gareth Henry was so named and awarded by the Institutional Investor because as a professional in the hedge fund industry he has accomplished and contributed much to the industry. This fact makes him distinguished among his industry peers and has operated to position him to be a future industry leader.

Gareth Henry holds down the position of managing director at the Fortress Investment Group. Gareth is also a holder of two degrees, an actuarial degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and a first-class honors degree from the Heriot Watt University. In addition, Gareth is a member of the Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (UK) and the Fellow of Society of Actuaries (US). In the year of 2007, Gareth Henry became an executive in the Fortress Investment Group, charged with the responsibilities of raising capital and forming client relationships in such far flown foreign markets as that of the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

The Fortress Investment Group LLC, the alternative asset manager firm for which Gareth Henry is employed, took home the “Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year” award at the Institutional Investor’s 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards. This award was awarded thereto particularly because the firm had distinguished itself in the area of innovation, achievements and contributions in the previous year.

Fortress Investment Group is a publicly traded company, whose stock trades in the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FIG.” It is also a leading global alternative asset investment manager, which as this award event, has approximately $43.1 billion in assets that it manages. The Fortress Investment Group LLC was founded in 1998 by the trio of Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone to offer investors a wide array of alternative and traditional investment products. The Fortress Investment Group’s Credit team, which consists of over 300 professional investors, manages over $13 billion for global institutional investors and private clients.

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Fashion and Fitness Joins Hands with a Herbalife Contest for College Students

Today, getting healthy and fit can be a challenge in itself. Therefore, companies all over the globe like Herbalife are using a wide range of promotions to capitalize on this worldwide problem that affects so many countries including the U.S. In order to address these concerns in a productive and trendy way, Herbalife is offering a golden opportunity for students in the fashion design world.


First of all, before discussing how Herbalife is handing their current marketing promotions, you may need to know a little bit more about this company and its history. This company was founded in the year 1980 by Mark Hughes. It was during this time that many other multi-level marketing companies were getting started with their organizations too. It was at this time that Hughes was embarking on the beginning of a 4.4 billion dollar business (net sales reported in the year 2016).

Dating from that time to now, the company has focused on a wide range of weight loss and nutrition products that provide consumers with what they are needing to remain fit and healthy. Some of the company’s list of products includes energy bars, protein bars, vitamins, special tea, including meal replacement shakes.

Challenge — Fitness Joins Fashions

The name of this program can be referred into in several different ways. One of the most notable is “Nutrition Goes Back to School.” With an Herbalife challenge that sends students at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, a prestigious institution in California, on a search for the best designs of the year, it is a great way to start a new year for innovative students who are up for kicking it off with hefty but exciting creative undertaking. In the late Spring of 2019, the results of this challenge are scheduled to end in over 15 students participating. These students were chosen for this awesome challenge by both the faculty and the staff of FIDM so they are sending the best designers from their institution. These students will be faced with the challenge of bringing in the next generation of apparel, specifically those that athletes all over the globe will be wearing.






Jennifer Walden: Surviving in a Male Dominated Industry

She is only a part of a dozen female cosmetic surgeons that work in Texas. Jennifer Walden has been practicing as a plastic surgeon for nearly eight years and has a wide range of focuses. She is multi-talented when it comes to breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelifts and eye lifts. She is quite aware that she is a rarity because there are not many female cosmetic plastic surgeons. As of this date, the number for certified plastic surgeons that reside within the country total to about $8,100. Only 851 are women and only 180 of them along to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Walden shares her opinion in regards to plastic surgery stating that it is very male-dominated. That said, women find themselves going through a lot of educational training that can add up to about 7 years. For many women, that can mean delaying a birth of a child or deter one from having kids it’s all together. She also adds that the process of surgery can be aggressive and recently has shown to not be very accepting to women in the profession. Walden continues saying it’s no different than if she was working on Wall Street meaning she still has to prove herself every year. Even though that’s the case, she does admit she is okay with that.

She does share that she has a tremendous amount of empathy when it comes to her patients and not only sympathy. She can relate to them because she has gone through some of the same experiences they have. For one, she’s a mother who has 17 month old twin boys and has watched her body change throughout pregnancy. Though she never thought she needed breast implants, Walden honestly shares with her patients that one day she may consider surgery due to her abdominal muscles spreading after having her twins.

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Why Fortress Investment Group Is The Best Financial Firm

Fortress Investment Group is celebrating more than twenty years of being in business and being successful. They have a distinguished track record since the established in 1998. The company has focused on expansion because the leaders want many entrepreneurs to achieve their best in their investment. Fortress Investment has been offering services to many entrepreneurs who have been happy with the progress of the company. Their excellent services have made them outshine many other companies because employees want to succeed in their investment endeavors. Today Fortress is known to many for proper leadership and successful investment plans.

The beginning of the company is when experienced entrepreneurs met and decided to start a unique organization that would change the financial industry. The good thing is that these leaders were visionary and they knew what they wanted. They are Rob Kauffmann Randal Nardone and Wes Edens. They came together as leaders and launched the company. They have worked with dedication, and through their commitment, the company is now achieving success. The company became even strong after Peter Briger joined them in 2002 and added his expertise. Peter Briger is one of the reliable partners who have rendered their services tirelessly to the organization.

Some reasons have made Fortress Investment Group to become a success. First, the leaders have trained their employees on how to handle customers. As a result, employees are always working hard to achieve the goals of the company. That is why they interact with their customers in friendly manner. The company is also free when it comes to dealing with their investors. They are allowed to follow their investments because the company has nothing to hide from their clients. The best experience has ensured that Fortress Investment keeps expanding because customers are satisfied with the services they get. That means that they refer others to the same company.

Excellent leadership is essential for a company to succeed. Fortress Investment Group boasts of having leaders who are experienced. They have worked for several financial firms, and they know the ups and downs of the industry. That is why they have never failed in their services.

Fortress Investment Group is promising its clients to serve them in the best way possible and ensure that they get the best results. The company has a committed team of experts that will not relent until their clients get the desired results. The firm has one mission of giving their customers the high-quality services they need.

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Alex Hern Wants To Take Virtual Reality Seriously

Virtual reality grows in popularity every day, and the interactive entertainment using the medium grows in popularity. Alex Hern sees the potential of this medium, but his vision involves something more serious. He wants to use virtual reality for business communication. In his view, virtual reality gives us a more complete way to communicate. We can use facial expressions and other forms of nonverbal communication to deliver message. The idea of serious VR is different from the pack, but it has revolutionary potential. We use mobile devices to communicate most of the time, but that could change if Hern has his way.

Tsunami VR is a company built around VR applications in business. Virtual reality is considered a form of interactive entertainment, and its potential in the business world is untapped. The software created by Tsunami VR is going to change this. When we communicate, we use more than our words to express ourselves. Most of our communication is nonverbal, but conventional means of communication limit our expression. Virtual reality is going to provide a more authentic way to send messages, and it’s going to change the nature of the workplace. In fact, our future work environments may become completely virtual.

Virtual reality is going to grow as a medium, and it’s going to become part of our lives. Just as smartphones became important to daily life, virtual reality is going to find a way to assimilate. People will use virtual reality to talk to each other as if they were in the same room. If the business world implements virtual reality early, it’s going to speed up the assimilation process. Alex Hern understands trends in the tech industry, and he sees an opportunity for his new company. Tsunami VR has a bold vision, but it’s under the care of an experienced leader.

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Chaos Fuel Talos Energy

The energy industry is both a risky venture and a profitable business depending on one’s perception. When it rains in that industry, it pours. The funny thing is that Talos Energy was born and continues to thrive on the problems, chaos, and despair to emerge victoriously. Talos Energy is the company that smells masked opportunity as far as Mexico.

Talos Energy trounces the competition in the industry by navigating dangerous waters. A while back, the company sought to acquire tone Energy, a bankrupt company. While it was accessible to sight debt, Talos saw a shortcut to trading publicly assets worth much more than the debt that lay bare for all to see. In 2005, the world would not touch the Phoenix field even with a long pole. It was a disaster site, who wants all the trouble? Talos Energy wanted it all and acquired it, turning it to the success it is today. A well so successful it produces sixteen thousand barrels in a single working day.

In the year gone by Talos Energy saw an opportunity that others passed by and acquired a newly auctioned field in Mexico. The idea seemed bonkers at the time but Talos being who they are grabbed the idea with both hands and set for billions in five years. It is a company that follows the less trodden path, buys into uncertainty and reaps big. It does not wonder for a company whose foundation was marked by a crashing oil market and still managed to emerge from the chaos that followed into the success it now enjoys.

More about Talos Energy

Tim Duncan is its founder. The company founded in 2012, has over two hundred employees who specialize in oil and natural gas. Although based in Houston, Texas, its principal operations are in the Gulf of Mexico. The company owes its success to a good management system, ground-breaking technology and not so textbook purchases. Talos Energy built and sold Phoenix Exploration Company and Gryphon Exploration Company both of which are still unbeaten. The company seems to thrive on a mantra of going big or go home. If it is not a scary investment enough, it’s not worth it for Talos Energy.

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