Comparing the Roots of OSI Group With Its Current Global Presence

The kind of revelations the United States was experiencing in the 20th century were numerous. Immigration was the main cause of the many revelations this country experienced. Business was getting back to its two feet since the end of the First World War had just come. Every other business was getting set to run as usual. Many Germans immigrated into the country, especially in Chicago. These immigrants helped the American society to advance in various areas. The society benefited a lot from the small daily business operations of these immigrants. Most people find it hilarious when they discover that OSI Group was an idea of one of these German-immigrants. The new inhabitants caused a growth spurt in Chicago’s population.

The German-immigrants had occupied a quarter portion of the city. Otto Kolschowski was one of the German-immigrants then. He started a food business in the city and gave it all he could afford. The business grew, and everyone else could smell and touch the passion he had for food services. His main idea was to supply fresh meat to the people in this city. The Oak Park-based small meat locker didn’t know he was laying a foundation for a global powerhouse called OSI Group that would be established later. The company has today come up with some standards of how the food products should be provided in the public market. OSI has its main offices in Aurora, Illinois, but the company has other offices in Iowa, California, and Utah. The company established its first facility in Utah in 1977.

Nonetheless, OSI Group continued to make its borders broader in the 1980s. Some of the food the company produces includes steak, chili, chicken wings, cooked sausages, beef patties, meatloaf, cheese, soups, tofu, and flatbread among others. Everyone gets amazed when they look at the enormous growth of OSI Group has achieved. It’s unbelievable that a company that an immigrant started several years ago could generate revenue of about $3 billion in 2011. When Forbes ranked the largest private companies in the United States, OSI was number136. The company enjoys a net worth of more than $6 billion today. Although the company is at its game’s pinnacle, its main focus is to maintain its grip for many years.

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