Fashion and Fitness Joins Hands with a Herbalife Contest for College Students

Today, getting healthy and fit can be a challenge in itself. Therefore, companies all over the globe like Herbalife are using a wide range of promotions to capitalize on this worldwide problem that affects so many countries including the U.S. In order to address these concerns in a productive and trendy way, Herbalife is offering a golden opportunity for students in the fashion design world.


First of all, before discussing how Herbalife is handing their current marketing promotions, you may need to know a little bit more about this company and its history. This company was founded in the year 1980 by Mark Hughes. It was during this time that many other multi-level marketing companies were getting started with their organizations too. It was at this time that Hughes was embarking on the beginning of a 4.4 billion dollar business (net sales reported in the year 2016).

Dating from that time to now, the company has focused on a wide range of weight loss and nutrition products that provide consumers with what they are needing to remain fit and healthy. Some of the company’s list of products includes energy bars, protein bars, vitamins, special tea, including meal replacement shakes.

Challenge — Fitness Joins Fashions

The name of this program can be referred into in several different ways. One of the most notable is “Nutrition Goes Back to School.” With an Herbalife challenge that sends students at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, a prestigious institution in California, on a search for the best designs of the year, it is a great way to start a new year for innovative students who are up for kicking it off with hefty but exciting creative undertaking. In the late Spring of 2019, the results of this challenge are scheduled to end in over 15 students participating. These students were chosen for this awesome challenge by both the faculty and the staff of FIDM so they are sending the best designers from their institution. These students will be faced with the challenge of bringing in the next generation of apparel, specifically those that athletes all over the globe will be wearing.


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