George Soros’s Passion for a new Ukraine

George Soros is a well-known public figure who is passionate about Ukraine. He is the chairman of Soros Fund Management as well as the chairman of the Open Society Foundation. He is the renowned author of many books including the Alchemy of Finance, the new paradigm for financial markets among others. George Soros writes for major news publications like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, which are a platform for him to passionately advocate for financial assistance to Ukraine.

In his article in the New York Times, titled save the new Ukraine, George Soros states that the new Ukraine sought to become the opposite of the old Ukraine which was demoralized and riddled with corruption. He was of the opinion that the new Ukraine faced a challenge from the old Ukraine as the new Ukraine was still a secret from the world and the Ukrainian Republic as well. The reason was that radical reforms had been hatched but not yet implemented. However, the gradual transformation has been a rare experiment in participatory democracy. He defends the experiment as being remarkable for finding expression in defending Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

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Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

According to his article in the New York review of books titled “Ukraine and Europe: what should be done”, Soros states that Europe was facing five crises at the same time. Four were internal ones- the Euro, Greece, Migration and the British referendum on whether to remain in the European Union and one external one- Russian aggression against Ukraine. He felt that as much as Europe could not solve these crises at the same time, it ought to give the Ukraine crisis the top priority. His reasoning was that there is a new Ukraine, which was determined to be the opposite of the old Ukraine. He argued that the new Ukraine was inspired by the spirit of the Maidan revolution in February 2014 and sought to reform the country radically. He felt that by treating Ukraine like a second class, Greece would be a fatal mistake as the new Ukraine was a valuable asset that Europe had.

On February 5th, 2015, Soros wrote an article in the New York review of books titled, “a new policy to rescue Ukraine.” In this article, he passionately argues that Europe should have a change of heart and help the new Ukraine. He felt a need for the European Union to reorient the then policies towards Russia and Ukraine. He argued that if the European Union would help Ukraine by enabling it to defend itself, then Europe would be indirectly defending itself as well. Soros was of the opinion that if Ukraine were to get financial assistance, this would stabilize its economy and indirectly provide stimulus to the European economy by encouraging exports and investment in Ukraine.

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