The RealReal, on a mission to expand its horizons in the fashion resale arena through a $100 million fundraising

Do you have some extra spare cash which you’d like to use for an investment in a big niche company but have no idea where to start? If yes, then The RealReal is a perfect fit for your description. According to a source, the Chief executive officer of the fashion company Mrs. Julie Wainwright is currently on a mission to raise a fresh $100 million fund and is inviting investors to chip in. Reasons for the funding are unknown to the public but the most probable reasons are two.

First, it could be either the RealReal is seeking capital to help push it to greener grounds so it can be financially appealing to top investors and buyers. Or secondly; the company’s management could have realized that the secondhand market for luxury consignments is packed with opportunities which it never saw when it first ventured into that area. Therefore if it successfully manages to get that kind of amount then it will be in a better position to invest and expand its scope to greater levels.

However, these are just assumptions because the RealReal’s chief executive officer, Julie Wainwright has not publicly declared the reason behind the fundraising and neither has she responded to the multiple requests from the press to comment on the matter.

About the RealReal

Established about eight years ago in 2011, the RealReal is a fashion company which took an ultimately, unique approach to dealing with second-hand clothes and items from luxury companies like Gucci. The company operations are similar to that of eBay only that it specifically deals with clothes for both males and females, art and home décor from top brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, and Prada among many others.

It is situated in New York and is the brainchild of the CEO Julie Wainwright under whom it has experienced tremendous growth.

For instance, in the few years that it has been in the fashion arena, the RealReal has generated over $170 million worth of revenue and continues to get even better by the day. However, that has not been achieved on a silver platter and neither has it been easy. According to Mrs. Wainwright, the RealReal faced a lot of hostility from the brands whose clothes it used to sell in second hand when it was still a startup.

Fortunately, times and tides have changed and such brands are slowly embracing the company and even creating partnerships with her company. As mentioned earlier, the RealReal operates under the consignment basis in which a seller ships their goods to the company and in return they do the marketing and the complete the sale. The gains are then divided between them and the seller at rates of 50 to 60 percent depending on the selling price. Thanks to its incredible management team led by Mrs. Julie Wainwright, the company is doing pretty well and is slowly taking over the fashion resale sector.

Southridge Capital puts its Clients First

Even though the whole purpose of running a business predicates on finding a solution and filling a need, companies may find themselves looking into financial solutions. When this happens, it does not have to be a serious situation. It all depends on who a company trusts to handle the heavy lifting for them. Southridge Capital brings answers to questions for public ventures.


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Moreover, Balance Sheet Optimization can show a company better options for functioning under a better balance of equity and debt. Southridge Capital knows the steps needed to bring its clients in reach of the portals need to navigate Mergers and Acquisitions. Or perhaps, a good old-fashioned Restructuring Analysis is in order to keep things lean and productive, for this times when shaking things up becomes more than needed.


Based on, all of this savvy and priceless extra effort is just on top the Legal Settlement attention clients receive. It kind if comes down to strategies and chances that give just the lift to a company. Security, credit and innovation all come together, while Southridge is on the financing case. The process of services to its clients includes maintaining and gaining contacts when the most trustworthy partners in the business of finding solutions. The executive team prides itself on proactive yet intuitive solutions. It only takes a hand full of highly trained and extremely like-minded executive team to get things done.




Since 1990, Newswatch TV is Still the Viewers Choice for News

NewsWatch TV has been airing continuously since the show’s first episode aired in 1990.

It features Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges as hosts, and Michelle Ison as a co host. The award-winning show is an early morning news broadcast, airing at 7 AM. The show is owned by Bridge Communications, and it appears on AMC and also on ION. Newswatch appears nationally in all of the major news markets throughout the United States.

The show is highly acclaimed, and it gets great reviews. Viewers love it for the variety of news it covers. They enjoy the delivery and pace of the show. They also enjoy the mobile app reviews, and the on-location interviews. The news team gets excellent reviews. The show is based in their Washington, DC location, and they have additional locations in New York City, Denver, and Fairfax, Virginia.

Viewers also love the consumer portion of the show. Newswatch provides honest reviews on all types of consumer products, including electronics. They are in contact with numerous Fortune 500 companies and then they will provide their viewers with unbiased reviews of new products and new technology. They frequently will go on location for exclusive celebrity interviews. Well over 650 celebrities and newsmakers have appeared on this popular, long-running show. The team of hosts keep the show fast moving, upbeat, and entertaining. The individual segments will run for usually for no more than 2 minutes each. In so doing, they are able to cover a large variety of news and entertainment coverage that is packed into every half hour television show.

Newswatch has a large following on social media. They can be found on Facebook and Linkedin. Additionally, their viewers and fans can find them on YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus, and all of their other favorite media.

About Us: The Academy of Art University


The Academy of University is at the top of its game for 2018. The San Francisco-based school has been around for over 80 years, and it was founded by a professional painter known as Richard Stephens. As the years passed, Academy of Art University went through multiple name changes such as Academy of Art College and the Academy of Advertising Art. As of today, the president of the school is Elisa Stephens, whom is Richard Stephens’ granddaughter. It is located near San Francisco’s exclusive South Market District, and the school is one of the city’s largest property owners.

Movies, movies and more movies is the name of the game to a certain extent. Though AAU specializes in liberal arts and specializes in design, it has a huge presence in the entertainment industry. If you haven’t heard by now, “Cocoa” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film. The connection of this movie to AAU is self-evident because AAU’s former-graduate has worked extensively on this project. Daniel Arriaga provided enormous amounts of research that was firmly put into this film. On top of that, Arriaga provided an abundant amount of detailed drawings. “Cocoa” was one of the night’s biggest winners thanks to also winning the award for the mariachi styled Best Original Song. This senior director of Pixar Animation Studios is living his dream and the Academy of Art University helped to construct his present-day accomplishments.

Did you know that there are over 1,000 part-time teachers at the AAU? Did you know that the school has up to 285 full-time teachers? Yes, this is correct and the school’s student population is at an estimated 12,500.

Earning a degree from the Academy of Art University can be achieved via online classes or by attending the school’s physical location. Aspiring students can also schedule a guided tour to get better acquainted. Every base is being covered here and it would be extremely hard trying to find a more progressive school for the arts.

Richard Dwayne Blair Is An Expert In Investing

Are you looking for reliable investment advice or guidance? Do you want to hire an expert to help you start and grow your investment portfolio? Perhaps you are aware that Richard Dwayne Blair renders high quality investment advisory and financial planning service to clients.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a well known financial planner and investment professional. Richard Dwayne Blair has been rendering excellent investment advisory for years and is regarded as a leader in the industry. His firm, Wealth Solutions, caters to people who need expert guidance on investment and growing their portfolio.

Investing is a great way to prepare for retirement and ensure your financial future. If you are serious about securing your future, it is extremely important that you enlist the services of a renowned professional or investment firm.

Many people search for information on how to manage their money, or save money for their children’s education. Some people turn to experts for proper guidance on how to prepare for their retirement. A reputable professional like Richard Dwayne Blair can advise and guide you and make sure that you are on the right track.

Richard Dwayne Blair is passionate about helping put clients on the right path towards their goals. Richard Dwayne Blair is highly knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of financial services. He takes the time to explain things in a way that anyone will understand and take action towards achieving the success they desire.

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Dr. Dov Rand Shows, We Can Age Gracefully and Enjoy It

Everyone feels good being in charge of their life as mature adults until when aging symptoms start to show up. It seems inevitable to overcome some of the health issues associated with aging such as weight gain, menopause, erectile dysfunction and traumatic brain injury. The good news is that Dr. Dov Rand, a specialist in anti-aging has proved that these symptoms can be slowed down and managed (Reporterexpert). Tackling the problems from the root level, he builds long-lasting approaches to improve life quality as well as those disorders. He uses integrative methods such as physical therapy, hormone therapy, and dietary changes.

Dr. Dov Rand thoroughly researches his methods and does no use any of them until it has undergone a demanding peer-review ( His efforts are a ray of hope for the hopeless, depressed and anxious who suffer from aging ailments. He combines therapies with tests to develop a clear understanding of each patient’s condition. Blood work tests can show a person’s present health condition indicating deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.

He explains aging as relating to a drop in hormonal levels that reduces the body’s effectiveness in fighting diseases and stress recovery. Dr. Dov Rand says a complex situation is created in the old age where say a person with weight gain suffers from fatigue and depression as cortisol and lactic acid accumulate causing inflammations. This necessitates for multiple physical, dietary and hormonal interventions most of which he has mastered.

Dr. Dov Rand founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers, New Jersey. He attended Howard University College of Medicine and tutored at the reputable Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Currently, Rand is authoring a book “It’s not too late to live past 100”. He is board certified in functional medicine, regenerative therapy, and anti-aging medicine. He uses social media to educate and communicate on the success of bio-identical hormones using evidence-based support.

Dr. Dov Rnd is licensed in medical acupuncture, and his clinics use intravenous vitamin therapy using the latest practices. He studies age management medicine by attending conferences and recently completed a cenegenics training at the Gaby-Wright Nutritional Medicine Convention in Washington. He is passionate about the aging field actively taking part in webinar courses.


Graham Edwards Working in Housing Policy and Heading Telereal Trillium

The British businessman Graham Edwards recently started working at the latest division of the Center for Policy Studies. He will be the Charmin of their Housing Policy Group and will also be a research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies.

Graham Edwards has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the company Telereal Trillium and will be retaining his position there. The company is working in properties and is one of the largest such businesses in the United Kingdom. Along with his responsibilities at the company, Graham Edwards will be working in partnership with the in-house experts of the Center for Policy Studies. The objective is to develop new policies to promote home ownership as well as housebuilding.

British businessman Graham Edwards achieved his education at the University of Cambridge and graduated in Economics. After that, he served at the Flagship Company. First, Graham Edwards was the Director of Flagship 2 ltd and then he was promoted to the same position but of Flagship 1 Ltd.

Over the next years, Graham Edwards Telereal served at various institutions and committees before he joined the Merrill Lynch Investment Management which is now known as Black Rock. He worked as a Fund Manager. He was also appointed as the Head of Finance of the Property Department of the BT Group Plc.

Next up, Graham Edwards started a position at Talisman Global Asset Management as their Chief Investment Officer. It currently has AUM of more than 2 billion pounds. In 2001, Graham Edwards started his career at Telereal Trillium as the Chief Executive of the company (

During his career, Graham Edwards initiated a transaction that resulted in 6 700 properties that were transferred from BT to the Telereal Trillium. The accumulative worth of the properties exceeded 2 billion pounds. In 2009, he was the leader of negotiations that allowed the Telereal Trillium to acquire the Land Securities Group Plc. It also established the corporation as the firm leader in the industry in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year in April, Graham Edwards received a promotion and became the Executive Chairman of the Telereal Trillium as well. He has been recognized for his skills in business and leadership.



A Look at a Key Player in the World of Business Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto

It is perhaps very obvious that every success in any field is attributed to the unwavering commitment of a certain individual who chose to stand out and kept an extra effort than the others. When it comes to the scope of business, especially in the development of luxurious suites in Brazil, the name of the Brazilian executive Jose Auriemo Neto is unavoidable as a result of his enormous contribution and efforts. Who really is this legend?

Mr. Neto is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at JHSF Participacoes real estate Company based in South America which deals with developing commercial and residential properties all over Brazil. The Company is focused on office buildings, hotels and other public developments which Auriemo Neto oversees. Besides, he is at the center of administering shopping and retail portfolio in the famous shopping complex – Cidade Jardim, the Metro Tucuruv, Ponta Negra, and the Bela Vista and more

In 2009, was overseeing their very first venture into luxury brands retail outlet located in JHSF in the Cidade Jardim which was a partnership agreement with Pucci, Hermes, and Jimmy. In 2012 also the group had a partnership with Valentino and they owned a store there. Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in 1993 and later founded its department services by coming up with Parkbem Company by 1997. He has served as an Executive Officers Board member of JHSF. He has served as an Executive officer at YPO. Previously, he served at JHSF Participacoes SA as the Director.

Jose studied at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo where he did his partial Engineering course and later joined FASE where he did his Business Administration Course. The Parkbem Company became successful and Neto opted to secure the rights to their first shopping complex, the Shopping Santa Cruz. JHSF has been among the topmost valued real estate companies on the stock exchange.


Malcolm CasSelle Sets the Trends in the Digital Markets

According to Malcolm CasSelle, it is likely that the Cryptocurrency craze will be further fanned by its use in the gaming circles. It happens that OPSkins is a leading virtual assets dealer specializing in the sale of videos games that can be bought using bitcoin. It is an online secure platform that was started by Malcolm CasSelle. He is also the company’s CIO. According to the available data regarding the use of the disruptive currency, OPSkins is the leading bitcoin merchant across the globe. OPSkins has a large number of users spanning across the globe. These users love to make cross payments in small amounts. OPSkins has made it possible for traders to carry on with their activities, uninterrupted, irrespective of how far they are from what they are buying. It is evident that the demand for a decentralized user protocol is high. Naturally, running a platform with a centralized marketplace presents a range of challenges and limitations. It is only natural to find ways of decentralizing the transactions. Consequently, the OPSkins think-tanks have created a new platform that will help to ease the problem of carrying out transactions across borders without disruptions and delays.


The World Wide Asset eXchange is a new blockchain avenue that facilitates trading in virtual assets. It is built on a smart platform concept that allows buyers and sellers to trade virtual goods and services without disruption. According to the developers of the system, WAX has filled important gaps in the trading system. It has dealt with the problem of fraud and that of fragmentation. It has been built with a tweak that makes it work interactively with the blockchain program so that users can instantly buy and sell their assets. According to the developers of the new technology, WAX has come in handy for a host of traders that were often stranded, owing to the limitations of language, payment processing, and security concerns. WAX Token is driving the blockchain through facilitating a seamless transaction platform. The technology allows users to make purchases and sell to others without leaving the primary screen.


Brief Background of Malcolm CasSelle

He is the current President of Worldwide Asset eXchange( WAX). Malcolm CasSelle is the brains behind the already-successful video games merchant. He has worked as the CTO of tronc too. Generally, Malcolm CasSelle is an innovative entrepreneur and corporate leader with a knack for generating opportunities in business through the use of technology. He also pioneered the timeline labs which were to be later bought by SeaChange International. Other startups in the digital world associated with Malcolm CasSelle include MediaPass, Xfire among others.

Roberto Santiago Provides The Product and Marketing With Manaira Shopping

No one can deny the amount of creativity and work that has gone into bringing forth Manaira Shopping. It has a lot to offer for customers that come to visit. However, people did not just come to the mall out of nowhere. They had to know about the mall. Not everyone who lives in Brazil are going to know about Manaira Shopping just from its existence. Therefore, a little bit of marketing is needed in order to get people to visit the mall. Fortunately, Roberto Santiago has managed to spread enough word about the mall and satisfy the customers with the experience that he offers with the mall.


One of the best things about Manaira Shopping is that the mall itself makes it easier for businesses to make money and pay for the products they need to keep going. In many cases, the shopping center is a large factor in whether or not customers are going to visit. Therefore, Roberto Santiago makes sure that he does everything that he can to keep the environment welcoming. At the same time, he does everything that he can to make sure that there is a lot of features in the mall which will attract more of the customers.


One of the best things about setting up shop in Manaira Shopping is that it is like having advertising space in one of the largest websites of great reputation. Given that there are many different types of people shopping at Manaira Shopping, there is always going to be someone that is looking for something new in the mall. Therefore, when one sets up a business at that mall, he is likely to gain at least one loyal customer depending on what he offers.


Given all of the different features of Manaira Shopping, there are going to be many different customers that visit the mall for many different reasons. Some of them may go shopping and then get some entertainment as well as meet up with one another to spend time together. Manaira Shopping definitely meets the social needs of customers. They can shop and socialize at the same time.