Glen Wakeman Career Has Been Marked By Success

People define success in so many ways. There are some who believe that being successful means using what you have learned to help other individuals in the society to achieve all their goals in life. Going by this definition, it is correct to rule out that Glen Wakeman is one of the people who have managed to enjoy a lot of success in the recent times. While most people in the society only want to use their knowledge to fill in their deep pockets, the investor, mentor, writer and business executive has been focusing on changing the entire world. Glen Wakeman has helped very many people, especially the newbies in business to get off the ground and fly high. His company is known as LaunchPad Holdings LCC, and it has made his plans a success. Startup companies in the United States have benefited significantly from the effective plans they receive from Launchpad Holdings (

When the name Glen Wakeman pops up in any conversation, the next statement is always a success. This reputation has made him very popular in the international community (Instagram). The success he has achieved in the past makes a lot of sense because the businessman has given his time, effort to assist the rest of the community to raise and become leaders in the complicated market. While working as the CEO of the company, Wakeman has learned how to plan early stage startups so that the entrepreneurs can achieve success. His daily life activities are only connected to assisting the needy businessmen in the society.

Glen Wakeman’s success can never be said to bind fate or dumb luck. The businessman, however, has had to work so hard so that he can reach his current destination. The internationally respected mentor has had to spend several years in school so that he could acquire the right academic skills. Glen’s finance skills have helped him to come up with plans that are effective for the modern business setting. Getting to this point in finance, has never been a walk in the park for any investor. Glen Wakeman has been much disciplined in all his operations since he completed his education, and this has assisted him significantly.


How ClassDojo Helps Connect Teachers, Parents And Students

Classrooms can be a challenging place for teachers, students and parents to stay connected. Now, one innovative company has created the ultimate platform to help keep everyone connected in the classroom. That company, ClassDojo, is leading the fastgrowing TechEd movement.

So what exactly is ClassDojo? This is an exciting new platform that is rapidly becoming the communication platform of choice for classrooms across America. The platform is essentially an app that allows teachers to better communicate everything from classroom assignments to step-by-step instructions to each student. The teacher is also able to quickly communicate with parents with the platform.

In addition to being a communication platform, ClassDojo is also a great way for students to express themselves. Students can upload videos, artwork or anything else that they wish to share with teachers and other students.

So how popular is ClassDojo? Well, very popular. The app is now in 2 out of every 3 Kindergarten through the eighth-grade classroom in America. Additionally, ClassDojo is used in over 90% of all Kindergarten through eighth-grade school districts in America as well. The easy to use the platform and sheer amount of useful applications have made Classdojo one of the most popular TechEd platforms in America.

The secret to ClassDojo’s success lies in the fact that the company worked closely with schools during the development stage. Classdojo Cofounder Sam Chaudhary personally worked with teachers, students, and parents during every stage of the development process. The result is an application that was designed more by the actual people and children who use it rather than simply software engineers.

Classrooms are one of the most important places for a child during their formative learning stage. This is the place where children learn, foster social relationships and get a better understanding of their own creativity. By creating a more social environment in the classroom, students can better share their ideas with their fellow students, parents, and teachers. ClassDojo is dedicated to making every classroom a welcome and open environment for every student.

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Todd Lubar, Shares His Journey To Success In the Real Estate Industry.

Todd Lubar has won himself a name for great entrepreneur and investor in his financing and mortgage career. He has ventured into several diverse businesses including scrap metals and real estate development which has brought to fulfillment the desire of many people to own homes become a reality.

One thing that stands out about Todd Lubar is his perseverance, persistence, and professionalism in his career, which has brought tremendous productivity in his different business ventures. This has made many business people seek his advice. With his soft skills and profound experience, Todd is able to share his well-formulated business tactics with others resulting in their success as well. He offers his training and business tips through his own company, TDL Global Ventures, where he is the president. He is motivated every time he is able to provide a service that makes people happy and at the same time, inspires them.

According to Inspirery, Todd Lubar has depicted entrepreneurial interests since he was young. At the age of seven, he would go out to sell lemonade and hot chocolate to Washington DC.’s residents whenever it snowed. Even at this early age, he was always goal oriented and always wanted to achieve certain business goals. Check out Medium to know more.

Throughout his life, Todd has always loved creating businesses as well as inspiring the participation of others in his team. He uses positive motivation, transparency, and a conducive environment to enhance total productivity among his team players. According to Lubar, a businessman can only be successful if only he is successful in his personal existence. To him, personal and professional balance is very crucial not only to the business owner but also to the entire team.

Mr. Lubar developed an interest in real estate while still in the mortgage industry. He then purchased his first property in real estate which was a big success. Through the profit, he was able to purchase his second home, and from there, his new career began.

He has been in the real estate development business since 1995. Additionally, he has a recycling business for automotive scrap metals.        You can visit to know more.

Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A in Speech communication in 1995. He is a father of 2 and lives in Bethsaida Maryland together with his family.

OSI Food Solutions Wins the Globe of Honour Award, Again!

OSI Group of Industries continued their winning streak in late November 2016 with yet another top accolade to their name. One of the core affiliates of this behemoth food supplies global company, OSI Food Solutions UK scooped walked away with the coveted Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council. OSI’s leading executives were all on hand to receive the award and honor at the grandiose Drapers Hall in Central London on the 25th November 2016, according to Provisioner OSI won for their innovative environmental management moves and strategies.

For one to qualify as a contender for the auspicious Globe of Honour Awards, businesses have to first obtain a minimum of five-star rating with the British Safety Council. In 2016, OSI Foods Industries was one of only 18 global companies that got this prestigious recognition for their outstanding environmental conservation measures. OSI’s exemplary services and meat products have enabled them to clinch the prestigious Globe of Honour Award for a record three times. OSI Foods won the title in 2013, 2015 and in 2016.

Prestigious Award

British Safety Council’s Chairlady, Lynda Armstrong was among the first experts to send out congratulatory messages to the OSI Foods UK following their astonishing win. Lynda both acknowledged and lauded the excellent job OSI Foods had done since launching operations in Europe, notably in the UK. Lynda Armstrong paid special tribute to OSI for their concerted efforts to develop ever more sustainable and eco-friendly processes and approaches.


OSI Group of Industries is a giant privately held food products supplier with a decade of experience. Over the decades, the custom value-added food firm has grown by incredible leaps for its superb quality processed foods, seamless supply, and distribution ring and for their amazing food product rates. As of 2018, the custom food supply titan, OSI had grown to have over 65 high-tech industrial sized meat processing plants in 17 countries. OSI, originally founded in Chicago, employs over 20K employees from a barrage of professional backgrounds and specialties.

Here are some of the prime offerings from OSI Food Solutions UK:-

Personalized food solutions
Supply chain management advice
Food quality assurance training
Sustainability tips


OSI’s ingenuity in preparing, preserving and shipping out their long-list of processed foods has won over the hearts of countless processed food lovers. Today, most of OSI’s sales are from processed foods like beef, seafood, poultry, and pork. OSI Industries have always maintained a culture of putting the people in the communities they work and reside and their customers at the top of OSI Food Solutions priorities list.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Discusses Brazil Child Education Network Partnership

Brasil wants to continue to move from a developing nation to a developed nation. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) may be the answer to help Brasil continue to grow due to a number of reasons. How can these PPP’s improve the country’s child education network?

Child Education Network

Every nation wants high growth rates. This helps create jobs and raises tax revenue for the government. But, how can this be accomplished?

The Brazilian people are hard-working and full of great ideas. With the best educational system, they can turn these attributes into the products and services of tomorrow. But, how can this be achieved when the public sector is cutting back?

The world is struggling with capital shortages. This nearly destroyed the Capitalist system back in 2008 during the Credit Crunch. Brasil fared better than other nations due to foresight. Unfortunately, global capital remains scarce.

Brazil PPP

Belo Horizonte used a Public Private Partnership to improve its educational system. Now, the City of Rio de Janeiro is banking on the very same solution. The people want better education and the PPP may be the answer.

Financial Expert Felipe Montoro Jens has discussed how the City of Rio plans on creating 20,000 new day-care centers and 40,000 new pre-school locations by the end of 2020. All the citizens hope for success.

Future Brazil Productivity

The City of Rio hired the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for R$2.3 million to accomplish this noteworthy goal. If Belo Horizonte was successful, why not Rio? Felipe Montoro Jens explains how the private businesses will construct the buildings and handle administration. The public will be in charge of school lunch programs.

The children are the future and spending on the child education network can pay great dividends. Felipe Montoro Jens hopes this PPP can be successful.

Advancing Cosmetic Surgery the Jennifer Walden Way

Advancements in cosmetic surgery is at an all-time high thanks to innovative technology. This is the 21st century and technology is the king. Most of the industries on earth has some form of innovative technology that is implemented into the system. Jennifer Walden is at the forefront of this advancement, and she has helped to revolutionize the industry in more ways than one. This woman is a doctor, a media commentator, a philanthropist and an award-winning author. Dr. Walden just so happens to be one of the first doctors to use laser machines for vaginoplasties and for labiaplasties. The rebirth of silicone-breast implants came from the copious amounts of clinical trials that were presented by Dr. Walden.

When it comes to gracing the covers and gracing the pages of prominent magazines, this exceptional woman is a standout amongst her class. Dr. Walden’s face has been presented on numerous publications such as Health, Self, TexasMD, MD Monthly, Italian Vogue, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar,, Cosmopolitan, Austin MD, Bridal Health, Absolute Magazine and many others. On top of that, she has been a regular host on some of today’s top news and television shows. This includes E! Network’s “Dr. 90210,” ABC’s “20/20,” VH1’s “Plastic Surgery Obsession,” CBS’s “The Early Show” and E! Network’s “Best & Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories.” Dr. Walden is a woman of high-status, but this high-status comes in a good way. She is a firm-believer of giving to those who are in need. Dr. Walden is a member of a philanthropic group named the Guardian Angel Society, and she regularly participates in medical-missionary work throughout the year.

Having a full-time schedule isn’t easy, but she still finds time to spend with her two sons Rex and Houston. Dr. Jennifer Walden is certainly leading by example, and her reputation is a true-testament of her success.

Jason Hope Medical Research

Jason Hope is a leader in the medical field. He invests a ton of time and money into health research. There are millions of people who struggle with various health issues. Some health issues are simple to solve, while others are complex and difficult to deal with for patients.

Jason Hope wants to help people live a healthy lifestyle. When living a healthy lifestyle, people will be able to live longer and have more energy. There are multiple changes that people can make to their daily habits to improve longevity.

Business Success and Giving Back

Jason Hope has had a solid career in the business world. After running a major company, he decided to concentrate in the medical field. He quickly found out that medical research lacks funding. Numerous medical issues are solvable with the proper amount of funding.

Jason Hope decided to start donating to various charities in the health industry. He wants to improve the lives of millions of people who are struggling with health issues.

Dietary Changes

Few people eat a healthy diet each day. It is much more convenient to eat processed food that tastes great and has excess calories. A poor diet is one of the biggest reasons that people struggle to lose weight and live healthily.

Adding more natural food options to a diet makes a huge difference. Most people notice a change in their health within a few weeks of this dietary change. Jason Hope encourages everyone he works with to eat healthier meals.


Living an active lifestyle is another way for people to improve longevity. Multiple studies show the benefits of daily exercise as people age. Some people live a sedentary lifestyle. Not only does a sedentary lifestyle increase the risk of developing a disease, but it also decreases energy levels over time.

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OSI Food Solutions

OSI was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto was a German who had moved to America and decided to start a small meat kiosk. After 19 years, the small business grew into a company as it had gained enough finances from supplying quality meat to the locals. It was at this time when the kiosk became Otto and Sons Company. Later the current owner of the company got his first job as a consultant in finances. After several years, Sheldon Lavin became a shareholder in the company and as a result, he got more involved in the activities of this meat processing firm. After purchasing the firm he renamed it to LLC which then became OSI group.

2016 Globe of Honor.

Annually the British Council holds a Luncheon where awards are given to companies. The companies which receive these recognitions and awards are those that have been noticed to have an outstanding passion for care and protection of the environment. For a company to be included in the competition for awards, it must be rated with at least five starts in the British scheme. OSI Group received this award in 2016 for being the best company which has been in the frontline in environmental conservation.

ISO Group Employment policy

Sheldon has grown the ISO Group by creating a network with all his employees. At work, all employees call him Sherry so as to remove any formality which may bring tension to the employees. The company aims at employing more both formal and subordinate staff as a way of creating and improving the livelihood of residents located near the firm. Employees are always encouraged to quickly learn from their mistakes and move on to the continuous success of the firm. Currently, the company is looking for people with an entrepreneurial mind so as to give them an opportunity to grow their own dreams.

Acquisitions and expansion plans.

Early last year the company increased its investment in chicken production in Spain with an aim of increasing the output from 12000 tons to 24 000 tons. It was essential for the objective to be met due to the growing demand in Spain. With the output increment, the company also invested in refrigerators, vehicles, chicken food, human resources, and buildings. Moreover, the company has gone ahead to buy all shares in both Baho foods and Tyson food as a way of expanding their suppliers and delivering to the consumers’ demands. Baho is a Dutch company which mainly deals with meat processing and the making of meat products like Pizza, hotdogs, and sausages among others.

This company has been ranked among the best food processing companies because it always delivers high-quality meat and meat products to the clients in all the branches.

Jason Hope: Adviser on technology revolution

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. He is from Scottsdale, Arizona. For a long time, he has been a tech enthusiast and is always exploring for information about technology is likely to be introduced. His passion for technology came from the need to use technology to influence the society. We all know that the world today is run by technology. Almost every aspect of life is getting a touch of technological innovations. There is so much that is happening in the technological world that it is hard to ignore the impact it has created. In the spirit of concentrating on things that matter to the people, he has also made philanthropy a practice. Overall he is a man who loves to help others.

Jason Hope’s love for technology has driven him to what we know today as the Internet of Things. This is a technology that is said to be the next big thing. The internet of things is based on the ability of devices to connect to the internet. Once devices connect to the internet, they will be connected to other devices that are also connected to the internet. In short, it will be possible to connect all the conceivable devices to each other. With such capabilities, it will be possible for things such as home automation, to be implemented successfully in our homes.

The internet of things will also have wide usage in the industrial sector. Large-scale industrial systems will be controlled remotely through the internet in a way that will bring a lot efficiency in the industries. Critical infrastructure such as power supply, lighting system, oil and gas pipelines, and nuclear power plants will also benefit from this technology, already IoT has been implemented in a number of these fields. Systems such as PLC and SCADA are being developed to work together with the internet of things. With such systems, it will be easy to monitor the status of industrial processes at all times.

For those who have not acquainted themselves with the internet of things, there is an eBook by Jason Hope which is available on Amazon. It will give everyone a chance to know more about IoT. The eBook is highly informative and gives a detailed analysis of the impact the internet of things will have in the society. It will prepare you on what to expect in the near future.

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Omar Boraie’s Plan Works

Omar Boraie was recently recognized by the New Jersey State Senate as the most influential man in turning around the city of New Brunswick. He has received the title of “New Brunswick’s tenderhearted father.” The reason so many people refer to him as this is because of his work in reviving the city of New Brunswick and making it the economic powerhouse that it is today.

Sam Boraie toured the continent of Europe with a mission on his mind. That mission was to discover what made the European cities so powerful and influential. During his travels, he was able to discover four principles that would lead to a healthy and growing city. The first principle was a strong family oriented community. The second principle was a lucrative job market. The third principle was a coalition of forces that were united in a singular vision. The fourth principle was a strong middle-class.

Omar Boraie began helping the city of New Brunswick become more family oriented by working with nonprofits and churches. He allied with these organizations and offered to give them the funds that were necessary to build community if they would hosting events.

Omar Boraie then began strengthening the job market by donating commercial real estate to the city. Without a mortgage on this property, the city could become competitive when leasing out these commercial factories. He also convinced local businesses such as Johnson and Johnson to remain in the city while things turned around.

Omar Boraie made New Brunswick strong by uniting the city leaders. Once the Mayor and the President of Rutgers University and the executives of the nonprofits were able to bring a sole vision to their organizations, they immediately began to grow the city of New Brunswick. This coalition united the visions of their organizations. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie solidified New Brunswick’s resurrection by bringing back the middle class. He used a strategy very similar to bringing in new businesses. He knew upstart professionals wanted to lease out prestigious office space, but often they found the cost prohibitive. Omar Boraie intentionally lowered the prices on these office spaces in order to bring in the middle class. This increased the professional practice tax revenue. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

Omar Boraie now educates officials in different cities on how to turn their area around. He has successfully helped New York City, Atlantic City, and Miami in their endeavors to become great again.

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