Stalled in the Ocean

A cruise ship hit a channel bed near Bermuda, and the ship might not get back out in the water for a few days. The power to the ship was lost only a short time after it left port. Passengers were told what happened, but it still doesn’t explain why the ship lost power in the first place. Each cruise ship should be inspected before it sets sail on the water. Even if the inspection passes, there should be some kind of back up plan in the event of this kind of emergency. Boraie Development LLC knows that when you go on a cruise ship, you never really know what can happen as you are in the middle of a large body of water until you reach your destination. These passengers had to spend an extra night on the ocean before the boat was even able to attempt to get going again. The ship has to be inspected to see if there is any damage from hitting the channel before it’s allowed to leave the area, further putting a dent in the vacation of the passengers on board.

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