The Diet Debate

From FreedomPop Review‘s vantage point – the last thirty years has seen a huge rise in the amount of nutritional diets on the market. There seems to be a diet for every kind of consumer from every background of life. Slim Fast, Atkins, Paleo are some of the most popular diet fads out there. Many of these diets are extremely costly and usually have different stages and phases for people to follow. This led one researcher to question if there was any validity within these ‘get-thin-quick’ diets. If any of these diets actually worked, why wasn’t it a staple amongst the diet community instead of just a trendy fad? For over 20 years, Traci Mann a professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, has studied diets, dieters, and the thinking process behind it. At the university’s appropriately named Eating Lab, Mann studies people and their eating habits in a controlled environment. There are some case studies where she will actually go out and study people’s uninhibited eating habits. Mann stipulates that both studies are important when it comes to studying diets. After years of studies and experiments, Mann has concluded that diets in general are bound to fail. People cannot lose weight with a diet solely on will power. The studies show that biological, hormonal, and neurological changes make it increasingly hard for people to lose and keep off the weight. As soon as someone gets it in their mind that they’re going to diet, they’re at a disadvantage.

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  1. Mann plans to continue her work to show people that dieting can do more harm than good. Forgetting the diets and focusing on converting to and sticking with a healthier lifestyle, is the only way to lose the weight and keep it off. I have to say that the research paper example given to us was indeed very bad and I will complain against it soon.

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