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Moving to the United States from India when he was young, Paul Mampilly attended New York’s Fordham University where he received an MBA in 1996. He began his career as an investment specialist working for Banker’s Trust as an assistant portfolio manager, moving on to work with Deutsche Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Kinetics Asset Management hired him to manage their hedge fund, with remarkable gains. He also invested in Sarepta Therapeutics which had a new drug in development to help muscular dystrophy patients. He later sold his share in this company for a substantial profit.

Paul decided to retire at the age of 42, but he continues to work as an analyst in investment and finance. He made the decision that he wanted to share the expertise that he gained from Wall Street and he now publishes the newsletter Profits Unlimited. He hopes that with the information he shares, that average Americans can learn how to invest wisely to help with their families and retirement. He also writes an investment advice column for Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Paul has appeared on Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV, and he won an Investment competition from the Templeton Foundation.


There are three market areas that Paul feels will be good for investors now, and in the near future. The first is in the developing technology of electric cars. Owning an electric vehicle would help the owner lower the expenses he would have to spend maintaining the car over a lifetime.

The next area that Paul feels investors should look at is in the field of personalized or precision medicine. In precision medicine, physicians would use the DNA profiles of patients in order to select the best treatment possible for them. He feels that investing in precision medicine is more sound than buying stock in standard drug companies.
The last area Paul thinks would be a good investment is food delivery services. These services are a great choice for busy families who want convenience but need meals for a healthy lifestyle. These meals are delivered straight to the home and are becoming very popular.

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