Whitney Wolfe: What Leaders Do Wrong

Whitney Wolfe is a 27-year-old CEO of the highly successful dating app called Bumble. First launching her dating app Bumble in 2014 created many skeptics an only a few supporters, however, for Whitney Wolfe that’s all she needed to hit the ground running. She comments that for every 10 people who are attempting to bring you down by calling you crazy, you have one 1 that is extremely supportive and ready to help in any way possible, in 2014 that was our team.

Wolfe is no stranger to the dating app world, in fact, Whitney Wolfe had co-founded another app named Tinder, but left the company after she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit that was soon settled. Starting from scratch might be a daunting experience for most, but Whitney knew that her app created around the message of empowering women would be a success. As of this year, Bumble has generated over 12.5 million registered users who constantly interact with the app every single day.

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Whitney Wolfe attributes much of her success to her team, a team that believed in her “crazy” dream from the very beginning and never looked back. Today, Bumble holds over 60 employees. In wanting to give leaders a few words of advice, Wolfe mentions that valuing all your employees from top management to interns is a must for a successful brand and successful results. Remember, the founder of Bumble states, these people chose your company to dedicate their time to, be grateful for that. According to Wolfe, many leaders get this message and implement it the opposite way. How? They have this notion of maybe the employee should be grateful to be here. That mindset will only detour you from achieving better results because the measure of true success is when your team is happy and willing to put all their efforts into your dream.

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