Chris Burch Of Burch Creative Capital Talks Life As An Entrepreneur.


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Now live: my talk with @amyjomartin on her podcast #whynotnow. It’s a question we all ask ourselves. Let’s have a conversation.

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Chris Burch is a brazen trailblazer in the world of entrepreneurs. Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and the prominent backer of big investment projects such as the Nihiwatu resort in Indonesia and the Ellen DeGeneres lifestyle brand known as ‘ED’. Chris Burch has been operating as an entrepreneur for years now but over the past five years he has particularly picked up his pace in order to find himself in the thick of several fascinating projects. As a successful entrepreneur, Burch has a unique perspective to share with people who aspire to follow a similar career path. Let’s jump into his career, his thoughts, and what is to come next for Burch Creative Capital.


The #1 aspect that Burch would advise all of his readers to follow is this: be willing to take risks. Taking risks is foundational to finding success as an entrepreneur, read ( Simply put, you don’t make it to the top of the ladder without shooting a shot that may be beyond your capabilities. Burch has failed thousands of times, or so he says, and each failure has only helped to build him into the man that he is today. Additionally, Burch believes that the only way to become a ground-breaking entrepreneur is by taking the risks that others flinch away from, learn more info on


The second aspect that Burch believes in, and what has perhaps driven his work at Burch Creative Capital, is that you must be able to properly read people in order to fight the right partnership for your plans. Reading people is vital if you want to be able to work with people who are inspired, inspiring and passionate about what they do. Being able to read people, according to Burch, is the most important tool he has in his entire box of tricks and traits for his work as an entrepreneur, visit

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